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We are 6 sisters who grew up in Las Vegas, NV. We are now split 3 ways between Idaho, Utah and Las Vegas. We all have a different niche, but we all are crazy and love to have fun. We are known for our booties.  Here is a quick intro to each of us.
Charissa is the oldest of the bunch. She is the writer of the bunch and has written an AMAZING book series that is in the process of finding a publisher...fingers crossed. She is also our painter and has done some AMAZING works. She can out scrapbook anyone I know and is current...yes people I said CURRENT on all of her 4 kids scrapbooks (I know we hate her too for this).

Next we have Andrea. She is without a doubt the COOK of the bunch. She can whip up the best meals around. In fact we love to go visit her just so we can relish in one of her AMAZING meals (well we don't mind the company either :). And somehow with being the AMAZING cook that she is, she still manages to be the SKINNY and TONED sister. Seriously we just drool over her toned abs and bum. Doesn't seem fair especially since she is a mom to 5 girls. Oh and did we mention that she is one smart cookie. I mean you have to be when you get your degree in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. So I guess we could add NERD to her list of characteristics :)

Third in line is Tiffany. She is our PHOTOGRAPHER and boy is she good. She decided a few years ago to finally make the leap and buy herself a nice, decent DSLR camera and she hasn't looked back since. She is self taught and is so good to her 'moochy' sisters who constantly are taking advantage of her photography skills. And lets not forget that she is definitely the COMPETITIVE one of the bunch. You definitely don't want to mess with her when a game is getting played. *She was the one who ran away often as a kid...

Heidi can only be described as CRAZY and CRAFTY. She is the one who will randomly belt out a song and she thinks her voice sounds good enough to be showcased on a Disney Cruise (whatever that means but we encourage it). She is so crafty and comes up with the cutest parties, treats and gifts. There is never a dull moment with Heidi. And anytime a camera comes out she is the one to pose immediately and/or pose in the background.
Liesl is without a doubt our FASHIONISTA. We look to her for style advice and hair and makeup advice since she is our hairdresser (the best around might I add). She is blonde for a reason and has somehow maintained her love for Britney Spears since seeing her in concert ummmm 13+ years ago. Hence why she is throwing herself a 'Dirty Thirty Britney Spears' party.
And then there is the baby girl...Tenille. She was the baby for 5 years before the real "baby" of the family came along. Hence, her BOSSINESS! She loves to boss anyone and anything around, just ask her HUBBY or any of her 8 SIBLINGS! But Tenille can CLEAN, ORGANIZE and DEJUNK like no one I know! I don't know where she finds the time with 3 little ones around, especially since her little ones are constantly in the ER getting stitches of some sort! She is the BLOGGING queen and has the blog books to prove it! And her precious baby girl is never seen without a beautiful hairbow creation made by Tenille and all her craftiness!

There's a little peek into who each of us are. We hope you will come along with us on this new adventure of ours. We hope to keep you entertained and teach you a thing or two. Please email us with any questions, projects or topics you want discussed.

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