Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shower Floor Cleaner!!

I dont know about you, but I have tried for YEARS to get my shower floor clean!
We have a cultured marble shower, but the floor is a big piece of white plastic stuff with bumps on it for tread.  It has been impossible to keep clean!
I have tried bleach...steam mopping it...hydrogen peroxide...baking soda...vinegar.
Nothing would touch the dirt embedded in that plastic!
I came across this method on Pinterest here where it suggested using Borax.
So off I went and here is what I was working with about 5 minutes into it...
And after scrubbing for about 10 minutes with just the Borax and a little sponge (and a little water to wet it down), it looked more like this...
The picture definitely doesn't do it justice.
You will just have to take my word for works!!
And such a cheap and easy solution too!
Happy shower cleaning!!



Michael Ann said...

I used to have the same kind of shower floor and I could NEVER get it clean. Wish I'd known this tip back then!

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