Friday, April 20, 2012

Presentation or Taste???

That is the million dollar question.  What do you care more about...the presentation of food or how the food tastes?   I remember having this debate with my younger brother who insisted that the presentation was the most important thing to worry about.  I strongly disagreed with him and insisted that how it tasted was the most important.  I probably feel this way because 1) I LOVE LOVE LOVE food and don't really care what it looks like and 2) I suck at presentation.  Nothing I make looks pretty.
In fact just recently I was somewhere where a certain dish looked amazing.  The presentation was an A+.  But upon eating it I was very disappointed and would of given the dish a big fat F for taste.  So coming from a LOVER of food, I would much rather have a dish taste good than have it look appealing. 

Anyways this post is really has nothing to do with that.  Today I am sharing a delicious homemade whip cream/frosting recipe.  For an Easter party I made the Chocolate Trifle that Charissa shared a few months ago on the blog.  I absolutely love this recipe.  I could eat it everyday.  Anyways instead of using store bought whip cream I decided to make my own.  I was really wanting to impress the IN-LAWS:)  And you know what...the dessert was a hit at the party.  And while the chocolate trifle is great on its is even better with the homemade whip cream. 

Now that I have made your mouths water just thinking about this yummy recipe I guess I will let you know how to make it. 


Whipping Cream (Pint)
Powered Sugar (1/4 cup- 1cup)
almond extract (1- 2 capfuls)

First you take your whipping cream and pour it into a bowl and I begin beating it for 2 minutes.  Do you have to do this step?   Probably not but I just do cause in my head it makes it better:)  Next I add my powered sugar and almond extract and then mix until it thickens up.  If you are wanting whip cream then I add less sugar.  I don't really measure it out.  I just pour a little in at a time, mix and see if its the consistency I want.  If you are wanting to make this into a frosting then I add more powered sugar to stiffen it up.  And of course depending on how much you like almond extract (I love the stuff) add accordingly.  But I would start with just a capful and try some and if you want it stronger add another one. 
Now the great thing about this recipe is you can mix and match ingredients.  If you don't like almond extract you could add vanilla or coconut extract or lemon...the possibilities are endless. 

My husband, who isn't a sweets kind of guy (crazy I know) absolutely loves this whip cream.  Every bite he takes he will follow it with, "This is so amazing".  So I figure it must be pretty good if he likes it. 

The other day I made a batch of White cupcakes and then cut them in half (horizontally), added a little whipped cream and cut up strawberries in between the layers and then topped it with more whipped cream (I guess in this case it is more like frosting) and some more strawberries.  It was a delish treat for FHE and a hit with everyone.  In fact I caught my 4 year old using his fingers to eat just the frosting.  He didn't care about the cupcake or the strawberries.  He just wanted the frosting.  My kind of kid:)

And ending with my beginning point.  While my presentation isn't great, this treat is amazingly delicious and anywhere it lacks in presentation, it makes up for in TASTE.  And that really is what we are aiming for right?

So what are your thoughts.  Do you care more about the presentation or the taste?



Charissa said...

Taste! Defintely! I'm too lazy to do good presentation. I appreciate those who take the time to make things look good--but they better taste good too. Your whip cream sounds good (and easy--another important criteria for me).

Jocelyn said...

Taste is most important!!! But I also love a dish that looks appealing too. So for me I have to answer both!!!

gubler5 said...

Maybe some people spend so much time on the presentation to make up for what it lacks in flavor.

Karin said...

Definitely Taste!

Andrea said...

What's the question here? Taste trumps everything! For example, the other day I made some cream puffs. They looked decent enough but the taste was just not there. Presentation is for those with too much time on their hands.

Marcy said...

I have been waiting for this homemade whip cream recipe since Thanksgiving!! It is seriously TO DIE FOR!! THanks for sharing sweetie!

tiffunny said...

i think your presentation looks amazing. My hubby is good at making things taste good and look good. I just care about making them taste good, but it is pretty when people have the talent to do both!

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