Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Curtain Makeover

I recently painted my downstairs and was wanting to change out my curtains over my sliding glass door also.  But I didn't want the cost associated with it!

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and knew that was exactly what I wanted!!
Luckily for me, my mother in law was going to be in town and she is the master sewer!
We went and bought some black fabric.
Cut it into 14" strips and the length of the curtains.
Ironed on some stitch witchery to hold it down...

We pinned them all in place first though to make sure the math worked out!  =)

Next we laid down some black grosgrain ribbon (about 1.5" ribbon) to cover the fabric lines.
We chose to sew the ribbon down for sturdier curtains...have I mentioned I have 5 rowdy kiddos!!  The original tutorial just used stitch witchery for the fabric AND the ribbon.  I like knowing mine is on there good and won't get ripped down by grimy fingers!

An important step...lay your curtains down next to each other and make sure the stripes line up!!  Do this while everything is just pinned down that way you can make any adjustments as needed...THEN iron and sew!

Then we hung the curtains, luckily everything lined up and looked awesome!!

Unfortunately I didn't take an official "before" picture so you will have to take notice of the original curtains in the background of the picture of my daughter making a mess.


Tami {Curb Alert!} said...

Those turned out great. With 4 kiddos myself I think it was a wise choice with sewing the ribbon.
Tami @ Curb Alert!

Tenille said...

They turned out so cute. Love them.

Charissa said...

Nice! Also love the messy face! Too cute.

Roxie Tenner said...

Your daughter is adorable! The curtain turned out cute. And what's even better is that you guys did it yourselves. What made you go for black and white? It really looks so cozy down there. :)

-Roxie Tenner

Torey's Travels said...

I like your house heidi

Torey's Travels said...

I like your house heidi

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