Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Juice Box with Wings!

Sooo...does anyone else get really frustrated with juice boxes and little hands squeezing the juice all over the place??

I was seriously to the point where I refused to buy juice boxes.  It didn't matter how carefully I explained the correct way to hold the juice box.
"Just hold right here at the top like Mommy."
Then BAM...their little chubby hands grab it and juice comes streaming out!

Well, a friend was over recently and I brought out juice boxes (it was a special occasion so I had splurged).  I over hear her say something to her daughter about holding the wings.
"Say what??"

She then proceeded to present the most genius idea I had heard of!
Pull the tabs out at the top of the juice box like this.

Then tell your child to hold their juice box by its wings!!




Torey's Travels said...

Think you

Get Hooked said...

I learned it as dog ears. My oldest came home from preschool and taught the rest of us. Now I prefer the boxes to the capri sun style bags. Are you back blogging? YAY!

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