Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mombo...the new nursing pillow

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So I've recently found out about this new Mombo pillow and I must say I'm impressed! For my two boys I was obsessed with the Boppy pillow for feeding and having my babies lay down to sleep. However this new Mombo seems like the Boppy but with nice new added features. First off, it has a vibrating feature which would be very nice to soothe your little one while feeding or laying down.  How cool is that, to have a vibrating feature right there while you are snuggling with your little one!   My babies have always liked the vibration movement.  It also has one side that's firm and the other that's softer.  What a great idea to give you the choice of firmness!  And also to give the option of what your baby wants.   Some babies are pretty particular, yes I have some experiemce with  knowing this!  =)  Also some of their covers have these little taggies like the one shown below which I think is awesome if you have a baby like mine that were obsessed with taggies! I think it is adorable when my baby reaches out to grab a taggie and rub his fingers over it.  And sometimes mine likes to just suck and chew on the taggies.  Definitely weird, but whatever keeps him happy!   I definitely am getting one of thesemombo nursing pillow for my next baby!

These are sold at Babies R Us and come in so many colors and fabrics! Check them out!best nursing pillow

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I love how all these new products keep coming out to make life so much easier with little ones!  No, it isn't a "necessity" but it sure is nice and makes life easier when you are getting hardly any sleep and dealing with diapers and clean ups all day long!  The Mombo is a welcome relief!

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