Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cranberry Orange Relish

Need a quick and easy last minute Thanksgiving side? I have the perfect one! This is my first Thanksgiving away from home, and I knew I wanted to make something that has always been at our table at home. This is perfect with any turkey, takes about five minutes to prepare, and only has three ingredients!

1 rinsed 12 oz bag of cranberries
1 orange (including half its peel)
sugar (about 1 cup)

Cut the very top and bottom off your orange, cut into quarters, take the peel off two of the quarters.
Throw all the cranberries and orange (minus the part you cut off the top and bottom) into a food processor. I used my incredible Ninja blender I got as a wedding gift from a very kind aunt and uncle. If you're looking for a new blender and don't mind spending $100, I would highly recommend the Ninja! I use it for all my sauces, relishes, smoothies, salsas, you name it! Anyway, moving on!

I used the pulse option until I reached the desired consistency. You won't want to puree it, but you'll want everything finely chopped. If there are some stubborn bits of orange peel, you can cut them smaller after everything else is how you want it.

Stir in sugar. Start with half a cup, taste it, then add a bit more if needed. Let it sit together (I had overnight, but even just an hour will be fine). This will let all the flavors combine. Add more sugar if it's still too tart for your liking.

So easy and so classic! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Unknown said...

Thanks Kelly! I'm so glad you stopped by and invited me to come link up! Your blog is GREAT! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to visit again soon!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Aimee from ItsOverflowing

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