Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Link it Up Wednesday

Link it Up Wednesdays is here!!
We have no rules for this 1st week
we just want to see what you have!
Feel free to grab a button or refer our blog!
Spread the word and have fun!!

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Michael Ann said...

Hi! Saw your post on Face Book and am excited to take part in your new link-up! Thank you for hosting this!

Michael Ann
The Big Green Bowl

Lindsay said...

So happy to be here! Thanks for hosting!

Rebekah Greiman said...

Thanks for the invite to join up with your party! I've added my DIY Rain Barrel. Hope you enjoy my weirdness-I truly hope you know what you're getting yourself into being my "friend"....

Michael Ann said...

Hi Ladies, I am just wondering if you plan to continue your Link it Up Wednesday? I loved the free-form of it, that people could put all kinds of things up. Let me know if you continue and I will link up!

Michael Ann
The Big Green Bowl

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