Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 Years Ago...the panic of 9-11

10 years ago on September 11th
I was working as a bank teller at Wells Fargo Bank.
I was married, with no children.
As I got to work, after hearing on my local radio channel about the attacks but not really understanding the magnitude, I saw the tv broadcast.
The planes hitting the towers...the towers falling one by one.
It was surreal and devastating.

And then panic sunk in and the bank became crowded with people wanting to take all their money out!
We had to put a cap on withdrawals.
This just made people angry.
But in a situation like this, the bank was not equipped to hand out thousands and thousands of dollars.
The panic and stress on peoples faces was heartbreaking, especially when they realized they couldn't get all their money.

At the time, I felt the panic.  I even called my husband and asked him how much cash we had at home and what we were going to do.  
Thankfully he calmed me.
He was my voice of reason.
It will all be okay.
We will get through this.
And we did.

we have learned from that day, if nothing else,
to be better prepared financially.
Keep cash on hand.
In an emergency, banks are not equipped to shell out everyones cash.
Keep one dollar bills on hand...at least $200.
Fives and tens are good too.

In a situation like 9-11
where you suddenly feel like you have no control
you can give yourself some sense of peace of mind by 
preparing now.

Go get some cash, $1 bills preferably.
Have water on hand.
Stock up on food when you go to the grocery store
ie: if you need 1 jar of spaghetti sauce, buy 2!

Be prepared,
not scared.

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