Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pinterest Picks

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Here are our latest Pinterest finds for this week...I don't know about you all, but I am LOVING this site! Such a wonderful organizing spot for all the fun and creative stuff out there on the web!


Pinned here
How awesome would this be?!?! I need one now! I feel like I sweep the floor a gazillion times a day and yet there is ALWAYS crumbs and random junk on my kitchen floor!

Pinned here
What a fun activity to do with your kids! And so cheap too! Pipe cleaners and a magnet! Going to do this one soon!!

Pinned here
I love me a Baby Ruth candybar!! I need to try this recipe out and see how close it is to the real thing! How can you go wrong with chocolate, peanuts and caramel!?!?

Tenille's Pick:

Found here
I made these last week and they were so delish. The best part is they are so easy and quick to make. Originally I always just made my chicken quesadillas with chicken and cheese, but adding the bacon and avocado really took this meal to the next level.

Found here
I love this idea. I am going to print this at my new house and put by my garage door that way my husband and I can write little love notes to each other.

Found here
I love this idea for decorating. It is so simple, yet so elegant. It could be used for a kids party, a casual gathering or even for a center piece for a wedding.

Liesl's Picks:

I love this idea for Halloween!

found here
I'm so excited for fall clothes and boots!

found here
I love this simple doormat! I have a doormat just like this and will for sure be painting a W on it:)
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dxeechick said...

sooooooo addicted to pinterest. a delightful time waster! ;)

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