Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birthday Girl!!

We couldn't not do a special post for our dear sweet sister ANDREA for her birthday!

She started out as a beautiful baby

Seriously, just such an adorable little girl!

And then she went through a bit of an awkward phase...people may or may not have mistaken her for a 4th son in old family pics.

But through it all, she has maintained one thing...
her perfection!

She has always been the brains of the family
and the perfect child
(secretly I think she is the REAL favorite child)
But no one can be angry at her for that title,
she really is PERFECT!
And we love her oh so much!
Happy Birthday to the 2nd oldest sister at {Junk in their Trunk}

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Charissa said...

I agree...she is pretty perfect. I sometimes resented her perfection growing up as her older sibling, but now I love that most about her! Happy B-day E-E-A-Boo Boo! You are my hero! (I want your homemade rolls next time I, ooo, and that strawberry dessert you made me at Grandma's. Yum!)

Lolly Jane said...

Cute post!
Happy bday to Andrea!! :)

and Happy New Year to the rest of ya'll!

tiffunny said...

She was such a cute little kid and is still definitely completely perfect and the favorite. None of us ever had a chance of competing with her!

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