Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video Email from Santa

Do you feel like you have worn out the phrase, "Santa's Watching"?   I know I have.  Between my 6 and my 4 year old boys I feel like that phrase gets said about 10 times a day.  I am feeling now like it just isn't working because I feel like I am having to say it more and more. 
Then I got my yearly email from PNP

I came across this cool site 2 years ago and have used it every Christmas since.  It is called PNP (Portable North Pole) and it is essentially a site where you give them your kids name (they even have an option where you listen to how they will say it to make sure it is said right...if your child has an unique name you might not be as lucky), age, general location (as specific as you feel comfortable with), a picture (if you want), the toy they are asking for and things you have asked them to try to do better at.

They then have you preview all the info and then they send you a video email from Santa to your child.  I do this for my 2 boys.  You can even make one for an adult.  Anyways the videos really help my boys know that 'Santa' really is watching and its a great reminder for them to start to act better. 

This is the video I made for my 4 year old.  Boy he is a handful.  He never stops and since he was 1 year old he has been the master at throwing tantrums (terrible twos is such a false saying...My boy is going on 3 years worth of his terrible twos).  Anyways we have had talk after talk about controlling his temper and not screaming all the time when he gets mad.  The "Santa's Watching" hasn't changed anything so I made him this video to hopefully drive the point home.   This site also lets you pick whether your child has been naughty or nice.  For this one I chose Naughty.  I love how Santa tells him he still has time to get back on the nice list.  And if he will start controlling his temper I will make a new video showing him on the nice list.  Why didn't someone think of this years ago:)

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Charissa said...

That's so funny! I had no clue they had things like that. Poor Braxten...send him to Aunt Charissa's if he doesn't get on the Nice list. That boy cracks me up!

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