Monday, December 12, 2011

Crafty Angels of JOY!

I'm a sucker for angels at Christmas time. There are so many amazing ones out there, but here are a few in my house that I love.
These are some I crocheted lots of years ago (in a magical time when I was crafty); time has made them a bit saggy (it does that to the best of us), but I still put them up because they took so much time to make (and even longer to starch and make stand-upable). Sorry about making up words.

Now this baby is amazing! Not even in my prime of craftiness could I have come up with this one. I received her as a gift, and absolutely LOVE it! It's made of metal--the hair is metal wire, the dress is folded tin. I won't even try to tell you how to make it, because I don't have a clue. Maybe you can figure it out. All I know is that it's MAGICAL!!!

I did make this back once upon a time when I was creative. It was pretty easy. The head's a little wood ball that you paint a face on. Then you glue the dress on, which is just a folded piece of pretty ribbon; the wings are another type of see-through ribbon. The hair is angel hair. Glue a bow under the head and place a small piece of tinsel or gold wire on for a halo, and then end with a piece of cording glued to the back to hang it on the tree. I made dozens of these one year and gave them out with the Christmas goodies to neighbors and friends. Now I'm tempted to buy store-bought cookies and call it good. Old age has really damaged my CREATIVE and ENERGY-EXPENDING juices.

I got this one as a present one year and thought it was the cutest thing ever.

It's made up of starchy foods I love. How great is that?

I haven't made this one I'm guessing that the head is a WOOD BALL. That's not a starchy food you can eat, but the rest, besides the BELL and GOLD PIPECLEANER, could be eaten (but not after you spray paint it white; YECK!). The body is MANICOTTI? or some other smaller noodle (my angel's body is about 2-3 inches high; hope that helps). There are MACARONI NOODLES for her cute little arms, BOWTIE NOODLE for wings, and COUSCOUS or some other unidentifiable weird pasta for the hair.
Throw on some colorful green HERBS and sprigs of red for the halo....and walah! You're done (if you tried it).

This last one is an easy angel to make. I've made them with white and brown lunch bags, and they both turned out very cute. Stuff your lunch bag with old newspaper and tie off with a twisty bread tie; then smoosh the extra top part down so that it lays flat like a collar. Take an old nylon around a foam ball and tie or glue it shut. Glue a doily on top of your stuffed bag, then glue your nylon head onto that. Glue Spanish moss on your angel's head for hair (and try not to burn yourself like I do). Make a silver papery halo out of that twisty metallic paper and use that to make a bow in back (or you can use netting for the wings). I used a fabric painter to dot eyes on the head (very easy). Now you are finished. Stand back and smile at your creation! Seriously, if I can make these, anyone can. They're that easy and fast.

Hope your holiday season is going good! And if you're getting stressed out, slow down for a minute and look around you at the holiday decor on your tree or in your house, and think about what it all means. Angels brought glad tidings of GREAT JOY...and that's why I love them so much! Even if you have to buy store-bought treats for the neighbors so that you don't go berzerk with all that you're trying to do and keep up with, the important thing is that you relax enough to feel JOY in what really matters.

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D said...

Such cute angels, my favorite are the crochet ones, so pretty!

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