Friday, December 23, 2011

A Twist on Eggnog

Eggnog is a drink that people either LOVE or HATE.  Personally I am a HUGE fan of it.  I love when Christmas time comes around and that eggnog hits the shelf.  And I also love that my husband hates eggnog because that means when I buy a carton of it I can devour it all by myself  and not have to worry about him stealing it:)

Anyways every Christmas Eve our family would get together with lots of our cousins and aunts/uncles and have a little party.  Us kids would reenact the nativity and Santa always paid a visit and of course there was delicious food.  I always looked forward to 2 things.  1) My aunts egg salad sandwiches and 2) my grandmas eggnog.  There was just something special about my grandmas eggnog. 

Today we are sharing her eggnog recipe.  And the best part is how simple it is.  

eggnog from the store
 Vanilla ice cream
 7 up or Sprite
Pour eggnog into a punch bowl.  Add desired amount of ice cream (depends on how thick you want it).  Add soda to make the mixture as thin or as thick as you want it.  And add a dash of nutmeg. 

As you can see we love to take the already calorie ridden eggnog and make it healthier:)

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Charissa said...

Yum! I loved this eggnog growing up. My family now likes just the straight stuff out of the carton. Boo!

Heidi said...

YUM...I can't wait!! too bad all you "out-of-towners" that left us won't be able to enjoy moms real stuff!! =) Come visit!!

tiffunny said...

Mom sent home a whole thing of it home with us. It's good, but I can't drink more than half a cup since it's so rich!

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