Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Playlist

Every year I stress about what to get my kids teachers for Christmas.
I want it to be something cute, unique, something they will use.'s a lot of pressure!
Well, last year I finally decided on part of their gift to be a
Christmas CD.
I downloaded a bunch of unique and good (in my opinion at least) Christmas songs and burned them each a CD.
I then made a CD sleeve out of folded cardstock and called it good!
I thought I would share the songs with you guys.
Even if you don't make a CD for a gift,
just so you have some good tunes to listen to this season!
I love love love Christmas music!!
This has been a family favorite this year for us...

And my husband and I LOVE this fun song!!

I think my (and my husband included even) favorite holiday album is this one by SheDaisy
Every song is great...we never have to skip through a song we don't like!

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs??


tiffunny said...

what a great idea! And i love that you shared a Collin song! That one is always one of my favorite every single year cause it's a wonderful message sung by a dream, wonderful voice!

Liesl said...

It's not Christmas without some Mariah Carey and NSYNC Christmas albums!!! They are a must

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