Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tomorrow is March 14th.  That makes the date 3/14 or 3.14.  For you nerds out there (myself included) that = pi in math terms.

So in honor of 'PIE' day we thought we would share a yummy and easy pie recipe.  If you haven't noticed yet with my recipes they usually only involve a few ingredients and are super easy to make.  That's the way I work...simple and easy, yet delicious all at once. 

So today I am sharing a recipe that I absolutely love.  In fact a year ago when I was eating super healthy, I went and visited my parents in Vegas and my mom had made this and this became my weakness.  I literally ate the whole pie.  Every time I went into the kitchen I would sneak a piece of the pie.  And this pie is not only great for 'PIE' day but it makes a great St. Patricks day dessert. 

We like to call this recipe Grasshopper Pie.  It only takes 2 ingredients and can be whipped together in under 10 minutes. 


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

First you let your ice cream thaw a little.  You need it to be nice and soft.  While the ice cream is thawing you will take some of the Oreos (I did one section out of the package) and finely chop them either in a food processor or crushing them yourselves.  I don't own a food processor so I just put a few in my Magic Bullet and blended them in it. 


Next you take the crushed oreos and place at the bottom of pie pan.  Don't do too thick of a layer.  You just need it to just cover the bottom of the pan. 

Next you take your softened ice cream and start spooning it onto the crushed oreos.  See you notice that you don't need butter for your crust.  Since the ice cream is soft it will melt into the Oreos and make its own crust.   Spoon the ice cream until it covers the whole pan.  And since the ice cream is soft, once I spoon it all on I like to spread it around so it is nice and smooth. 

The last step is to take some leftover crushed oreos and sprinkle on top.  Its so easy to make and still so delicious.  And if you don't want to use Oreos you of course could use grasshopper cookies or even Thin Mints since its girl scout cookie time.  And course be sure to freeze this pie before eating.  Otherwise you will have a very liquidy pie:(


Heidi said...

Delicious and easy...my favorite combination!!!

tiffunny said...

definitely a winner and I never knew it was so easy to make. Guess i should make it for myself someday instead of just waiting for mom to make it!

cupsbykim said...

This looks so good! I am definitly going to add this to my list of recipes to try!
Today is National Potato Chip Day too! If you'd like, check out my post about my National Potato Chip Day Cupcakes!


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