Thursday, March 8, 2012

Top iPad Apps

I received an iPad for Christmas and needless to say that gift has quickly become the FAMILY iPad instead of MOMMY'S iPad!
But I don't mind sharing this new fun toy because I have learned that it can not only be very entertaining but it has been a great educational tool for my children!
*Tiffany, Heidi & Andrea playing around with our iPads

I thought I would share with you my top apps for the iPad today.
I will break it down by age groups too for ya!

Age: toddler
This one was worth the $2.99 price because it is a fun way for the little ones to learn and become familiar with their abc's.  Each letter page has interactive things they can do just by touching the screen.
This one has fun songs they can listen to, exercises where they touch all the 1's or A's and then they have the page where they can trace the numbers or letters as well.
A fun little barn that different farm animals play peekaboo in...they show the animal and have it say its sound.

Age: Pre-K
They get to practice writing the letters by tracing the screen.
Helps them recognize the vowels by choosing which one is correct.
Helps them spell 3 letter words by showing the picture and then the word and they have to drag each letter into the correct place.
This one is great!  Each kid sets up their own profile and earns points for different levels.  They have math (addition & subtraction), spelling and Dolch sight words.

Age: School aged
*Toontastic - FREE
The kids get to create their own cartoon, choosing from different themes.  They become the narrator and character voices as well.  Lots of fun from this one!!
This one I went ahead and splurged by paying the $0.99 fee after downloading the lite version first and my boys loved it so much we decided to upgrade it.  They learn state facts while stacking their winning state questions and earning points.
A great little app that quizzes them on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  And there are a bunch of different levels for each one.  It times them so it is a fun one to keep 'em going.
This shows them step by step how to draw certain pictures.  I am not going to lie, I need these step by step easy instructions for myself so I can make a train actually look like a train!!  Haha

Age: Adult
*Instagram - FREE
I love love love this app!  It is actually for iPhone but you can use it on the iPad too.  You snap your pictures and you get an instant list of fun filters to make your picture look great!  Then you can share with friends and stay up to date with theirs as well.  I just got my mother in law doing this and am excited for her to stay up to date with my kids!
*Cozi - FREE
A great family organizational app to keep everyone organized and all the different schedules, appointments and events up to date.  It syncs with your computer so that makes it very nice and convenient!
*Draw Something - FREE
Okay, so I am a bit addicted to this game right now thanks to my sister!!  It is funny that I like this game because I am a HORRIBLE artist!  My husband has always mocked me when I try and draw something for our kids and I draw a turtle and he looks over and laughs asking what in the world that is!!  This game is draw something and your friend has to guess what it is.  Then vice versa.  It's addicting...beware!!

So, what apps do you love?  Do share please!!



Tenille said...

You all are nerds. But I am jealous. I feel so left out that you all have these fancy ipads and phones. One day girls I will be able to play the games with you. One day:)

tiffunny said...

love my ipad and love most of these apps. It's fun you guys have them too so we can share our good finds with each other and play games together.

Torey's Travels said...

A i'm have good time in utah

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