Monday, March 19, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things

Today I am going to share with you a few of my favorite things...just a very random list of my favorite things!

I throw one of these in with a load of wash and I don't have to worry about any colors bleeding.  Love it!!  It's the perfect solution for a  lazy laundry person like me!!

I'm in LOVE with this song right now...

And when I am in LOVE with a song, it tends to get played over and over!  Hehe, my husband is probably sick of it by now but I'm not!!  =)

Reese's Pieces eggs
Yum...Easter time is here and along with that comes the delicious Easter candy. I could just pop these in my mouth all day long!

This was a Black Friday find (for $9 I was willing to risk it!)
And let me just tell you this is worth the $22 it normally is!!  This saves me a few times a day when my kids make a mess in the kitchen...just whip this baby out, plug it in and quickly clean your floor in seconds!!  The suction is great enough to pick up pebbles tracked in even.  It picks up Fruit Loops too!  =)

These are for my kids...
My girls love to color and I love the Twistables from Crayola!!  Enough said.

Secret Story from Essie...a fun color for spring!!

And last but not least, these of so comfy shoes...
It has a faux fur lining could that NOT be comfortable??  Love 'em!!

There you have it...a few of my favorite random things right now!!



tiffunny said...

i too love, love that song - but I have loved every song I've heard of hers! The Reeses Peeses eggs made me laugh because it reminded me when you gave me that jacket last year and when I wore it, the pocket was full of those!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I had to comment because that is my favorite song! I have never before been able to say one specific song is my favorite until now. I love the Twilight saga for one reason, but the main reason is because I lost a child a couple of years ago and I like to think of God singing that song to my son. The video is truly beautiful as well.

Anonymous said...
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