Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Birthday...

Yes, you read that right...ANOTHER birthday is here at {Junk in their Trunk}!!

Today we are celebrating our 3rd sister...TIFFANY!

We thought we would share some funny facts about our sis Tiff.

Tiffany is child number 4 out of 9.

 She has always had LONG BLONDE hair.

And she plays the piano, amazingly.

She was a feisty little kid.  Never played by the rules.
We have story after story of her rebelliousness in her own way.
*She really wanted a puppy from the neighbors and mom she snuck it in, hiding it up on her top bunk bed until finally she was apprehended!

*We weren't allowed to wear shorts as kids...when Tiffany was about 9 or 10 she put on a pair of bermuda shorts from a recent beach trip and walked rebelliously to school despite my moms commands.  BUT she won the fight for us all and we were allowed to wear shorts after that!  =)

Told ya...this girl was FESITY!

She had the classic 80's style that we all adored and tried to copy!

Don't you love the big BOW??!!  
Well, you will LOVE this pic...her favorite of all time!
Of course it is more classic if you could see the REAL picture that shows their fronts and faces!!
But oh no, she has hidden that picture from the world so this back shot will have to suffice!
The big HUGE bow on the back is classic...SHE was meant to  be a part of {Junk in their Trunk}!!

She was the master of the high wave bangs!

It lasted for years...

And you gotta love the overalls...
Especially the trendy one strap up, one strap down look...

Haha you have to love the classic school dance pictures with the matchy matchiness!
And the good 'ol white socks that we all rocked back in the day!

Tiffany has always been someone us younger 3 sisters have looked up to.
Not only for her trendy styles  through the years, but for her friendship and example.
And I know the older 2 look up to her now as well.
I am the only lucky one who gets to live in the same town as her (haha)
but we all agree...having Tiffany as our sister is a blessing.
She is talented, a wonderful mommy, super wife, serves faithfully in her church callings, a true friend, funny, smart, gifted in technology and the BEST sister we could all have ever asked for!

Happy Birthday Tiff!



Pearson said...

This was just toooooo classic!! Great job, and I loved the pictures. Whenever I watched you kidos Tiffany was always an angel for me, now those other 8, we just won't go there!!!
Love Aunt RaNae

Kris said...

Love the trip down memory lane!! Hope you had a fantastic day!!

Amy said...

Pictures from the 80's are always a treat! Happy birthday!

tiffunny said...

See RaNae remembers it all right. I was an angel. And FYI, the Bermuda shorts were from a church daddy daughter date actually.n got them at pic n save or something for a few bucks. Mom even bought them I think. So when field day cam around and we were expected to wear pants yet again even though I had a nice pair of shorts, well you know I wasn't going to stand for that. You all benefitted from my brave stances against injustice. I always was just thinking of all you first!!! ;). You put some doozies up though. Seriously!

Hilary and Chris said...

I'm still laughing from the picture of Tiff opening presents with my parents in the back ground. My dad is a total stud and not paying attention at all, he's watching a baseball game... And my mom, I can't see her through the huge glasses! I love it, they are both so sexy! :) And Tiffany, I remember that dress with the big bow... I was envious, I won't lie... I LOVED it!!!

LaRaine said...

I like the ones where your Aunts and Uncle look so young. Thanks for the big smile today as I looked at your blog. Love it.

gubler5 said...

Love all the pics! Tiff actually gave me that puppy for Mothers' Day that year. Talk about a bad mother who made her child return the gift! I still have nightmares about how I ruined my child by rejecting her gift! Happy Birthday, Tiffany! You have been a joy to our lives!!!!

Get Hooked said...

Seriously Tiffany, you gave your mom a puppy for mothers day? Ha ha So funny, yet very smart. And the shorts? You are a smart chick-a-dee. Loved looking at all the pics. I'll be honest, you scared the pants off of me growing up. I remember always being worried that I was using your... Hope you had a great birthday.

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