Friday, July 22, 2011

Peaches and Amaretto

The other night I was craving a yummy snack at 9pm.  Please tell me I am not the only one who gets cravings late at night?  Of course this might explain why I have gained weight lately. 

Anyways I couldn't find anything that met my desire so the next day I went grocery shopping and noticed that the peaches looked really good that day.  So I quickly snatched me up a few and headed over to the milk aisle where I grabbed a bottle of Amaretto cream from CoffeeMate. 

Now for the most delish snack ever.  All you need is 2-3 ingredients.  And it takes no more than 2 minutes to make.  Yet it will satisfy those late night cravings you might get.

Peaches cut up into bite size pieces
Amaretto cream
Vanilla Ice Cream

This particular time I didn't have vanilla ice cream with me.  It is still as good with just peaches and Amaretto.

Simply cut up the peaches and then put on top of Vanilla ice cream (optional) and then pour desired amount of Amaretto cream over the top.  The last step is to just enjoy:)

***Sorry for the less than stellar pictures.  Remember my camera lense broke in our wreck and I am still waiting to get a replacement.

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tiffunny said...

Ive been having peaches and cream a few times the last week or two at night. We don't use ice cream, but that sounds yummy. Instead we pour sugar all over our peaches. Larry loves the amaretto too, but I tend to prefer just straight half and half. Either way, it's yummy!!!

Stew said...

MMMmmmm...Amaretto is my favorite! It's the best with peaches and nectarines! Best snack EVER!

Anonymous said...

Amaretto creamo?!!!! I'm so road tripping to the states! We can't get that up here! It would be amazing in coffeE!

OhioMomPatriot said...

Oh My Gosh! This is a great idea and I have everything I need to eat this around 10pm tonight! Thanks for sharing!

About Mrs. G said...

Amaretto and Coke is my favorite drink!
following from i heart nap time!

{northern cottage} said...

i never would have thought of this but it sounds so delish!

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