Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Turning your blog into a book using BLURB...

I have been asked numerous times about how I turned my family blog into a book.  When I first started blogging I wasn't aware of any software that could make my blog into a book.  In my head I was going to copy and paste my posts into word.  This of course seemed like a daunting task and to be honest I knew it was something I would probably never do, at least not while I had little kids.  Then a friend told me about a program (Blurb) that would take your blog and put it into book form.  I was so excited.  I think it was once I heard about Blurb that I started viewing my blog as a family journal.  Anyways if you haven't already heard about Blurb you are missing out.  It is the easiest program to use and I have loved every book I have gotten from them.  Of course each book is different from the previous ones since I am slowly learning what formats I like and don't like.  Its definitely a work in progress.  Anyways here is how to get your blog into book form using Blurb.  


 1.  Go to http://www.blurb.com/

2.  On the right hand side click on the big #1 that says 'start your book'. 

3.  There will be 3 options---Bookify Online, Blurb BookSmart, PDF to Book.  Click on the middle option--Blurb BookSmart...This option takes your blog and turns it into a book. 

4. Fill in your email address, username of your choice and password.  Hit continue

5.  Click on the big orange button that says 'Download Blurb Booksmart for PC'.

6.  Once you have BookSmart downloaded onto your computer, open up the program.

7.  Once it opens click on 'Start a new book'.

8. You will then give your book a name and pick what size you want your book to be.  I always choose the 'Standard Portrait' (8X10) with the 'black and white text'.  Hit continue.

9.  Next you will be asked what layout you want.  Near the bottom of the list is the option of 'Blog to book'.  Click on that and press continue. 

10.  Then you will be asked what server you use.  I use blogger which I would assume most of you use.  Click on whichever server you use then type in your username and password and hit continue. 

11.  Then it will bring a list up of all the blogs you have (I have a few different blogs).  Click on the blog you want to convert to a book and hit continue.

12.  The next screen will show all the posts you have ever written on that particular blog.  You will select which entries you want included in your book.  I print my books off based off the year.  So I will usually deselect all the entries and go and manually click on all the entries for the particular year I am doing.  Once you have selected all the entries you want click continue. 

13.  The next screen will ask you if you want to manually drag each entry or have blurb do it for you.  I always click on 'Yes,  autopopulate and order by:' and then I click 'Oldest to newest'.  Remember this is just what I do.  You can manually drag the entries yourself but for me just having Blurb do it saves me lots of time.

14.  Next you will be asked to choose a theme.  I usually choose the Viewfinder option which is essentially white background with black text.  Click the option you want and hit continue.

15.  Blurb will then begin downloading all the pictures on your blog.  Depending on how many pictures you have this step can take awhile.  I usually go and do something like fold laundry or load the dishwasher while this process is taking place.

16.  Once all the photos are download you can now begin editing your book to your liking.  We will discuss the different features and options in a later post.  Everyone will have their own preferences but I will share what works for me.   



The Park Family said...

I am just wondering...how much does it cost you?

RMCarter said...

I'm wondering if you might know a solution... When I used Blurb it downloaded my pics straight from blogger. Meaning my pics were the size they are on my blog. If I wanted to blow them up bigger, it would distort the quality. If you might know how to fix it easily, I'd love to hear how. The only thing I've found is to go through picture by picture and replace the ones I want to enlarge with the same photo uploaded directly from my computer. Takes forever! I'd love to hear another way...

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