Friday, October 21, 2011

Cute and inexpensive Halloween Costumes...

Growing up we loved to dig through the boxes and boxes of Halloween costumes that my mom had. We would rummage through the boxes and mix and match different pieces to make the perfect costumes. Sadly, the last time I (Tenille) really wore a costume was when I was 12.  Wait . . . I did dress up one year in college as Christina Aguilera and we went trick or treating to the college President's house (who later became a member of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles...seriously how many of you can say you trick or treated at a future apostle's house?)

So the point is, I am not one to get all excited about Halloween. It's a fun holiday, but not a favorite of mine. And dressing up in costume is not my thing.  So when my husband and I were invited to a Halloween dress up party, I began to stress over what we could wear. I didn't want to spend money on costumes that I knew would only get worn for about 2 hours. And of course is it me or do most of the 'adult' costumes now a days look more like strip club outfits? Anyway I digress.  I wanted a fun costume that wasn't expensive. Well it just so happened that this was around the time that the whole polygamist raids were going on. (Some of my sisters and I just might have a slight obsession with polygamists) Well it dawned on me that we could go as a polygamist couple and just scrap together stuff we had. So I present to you my all time favorite costume.....

My husbands outfit was simple. We took a simple white church shirt, jeans and black church shoes. As you can see from the picture he simply buttoned the shirt clear up to his neck, tucked it in and parted his hair. DONE.

For my outfit a little more preparation was required, but not much. I went to Walmart and found this silk shirt on clearance for $3. I then had an old jean skirt (not sure why I still had it but I did:) and an old pair of hiking shoes (seriously those shoes were at least 15 years old....still trying to figure out why I had them and the skirt...thankfully I did though). Anyway, I then did the classic Utah Poof (those from Utah or nearby know what I am talking about) and then had my neighbor french braid my hair.
Overall it was a simple, cheap and fun costume. Plus a great conversation outfit. No one expected that costume. I would call it edgy:)

And here are a couple old school pics from when we were growing up...
Haha...see you can dress up with ANY budget!!

Andrea circa 1984 maybe - she always had to be creative and unique with her 
costumes - thus an ear of corn?!

All 6 of us "Junk in Their Trunk" sisters are in this one from circa 1983.

Tiff, what were you in this picture??? =)

The youngest 3

The reason my costume is so classic in this pic is because I dressed up as Heidi from the Alps...and my name is Heidi! Haha, I don't know why but I thought that was sooo cool when I was a kid!

Tenille & Liesl

Are we noticing a trend with the gypsy costume??
You see, growing up we were definitely not rich.  But my mother was a creative lady and was genius when it came to finding unique and fun Halloween costumes for us.  The gypsy costume was everyones favorite and I believe we all took a turn being the gypsy at some point in our lives!
The earrings were our favorite and they were basically just the rings from a mason jar with yarn tied around our ears!

This is from 2002 - obviously Lord of the Rings was very popular that year.  Tiffany's little one was the 
perfect size for a hobbit and it worked out perfect that our adult friend was Gandalf.  
Plus two of Charissa's kids were dressed up in that theme as well!  No store bought costumes at all - and that
always results in way cuter costumes (for a WAY cheaper price).

And these last two are from college days...hopefully they give you a fun laugh to start your weekend!
Liesl & Venus & Serena
And Liesl & her friend Siegrfried & Roy (all the Vegas locals should appreciate this one!)

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