Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

For the first time in my married life I live in a home that has a linen closet.  I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve.  I am just so excited about all the possibilities there are now that I have not only 1 closet but 4 non bedroom closets. 

As I was unpacking our stuff I began to notice that one of my closets was just looking cluttered, which is not a good thing when you have only been living in the house for a week.  I realized quickly that I just plain ol didn't know how to fold my fitted sheets and make them look neat and orderly. 

Thankfully my fabulous mother is here right now visiting so I enlisted her expertise on this matter.  Without hesitation she gave me a quick demonstration on how to fold your fitted sheets.  I pulled my cell phone out and took a few pictures to help explain this process. 

Step 1:
Take one end of the sheet and fold it inside out (doesn't matter which end you choose).

Step 2:
Then repeat alternating between inside out and right side out with the other 3 ends.  Essentially you go inside out/right side out/inside out/right side out.  It doesn't matter which ends you use first or middle or last just as long as you go with the inside/right pattern. 

Step 3:
Take all the ends you just folded together and tuck them all togther and lay sheet out like picture below.

Step 4:
Fold bottom half over to make a long rectangle shape.

Step 5:
Now you can either fold the sheet into thirds or take your matching flat sheet that is already neatly folded and place it a third of the way down and then fold the fitted sheet over it. 

The last step is to take the matching pillowcase that goes with the sheets and stuff the folded sheets into the pillowcase.  Then I just take and fold the excess pillowcase to the same size as the sheets inside it. 

This method allows for you to not only have nice and folded fitted sheets (which are so awkward in shape) but you can also have both sheet sets folded in one neat pile plus the pillowcase. 

Having been taught this method, my linen closet is now a nice pile of sheets.  Instead of the poorly folded mess it had been.  Plus having them folded neatly allows for more sheets to go in to the closet. And having the matching sets all tucked away neatly into the pillowcase makes it more organized as well.

Check out our video HERE to see it folded in action...sometimes it just helps to SEE it instead of just READING about it!

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Kristen said...

First - LOVE your blog. LOVE it!!! Second, I'm still lost on the first step to folding a fitted sheet. Which causes great dismay - because I've seriously been trying to figure this out for years. YEARS. And both Martha Stewart and Matt Lauer have been no help with their tutorials... I end up with wrinkled wadded fitted sheets stuffed in the linen closet... which is just NOT a Good Thing. Help! :)

The Gilson Girls said...

I agree with Kristen, and I would love to master this...anyway you could post a video?

Elaine said...

I second this -- video please? I didn't understand all the "corners inside out thing", sorry.

Helen Evans said...

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