Monday, October 17, 2011

Handprint Fun

When my oldest two were younger, I was obsessed with capturing their handprints.  I have ceramic molds of their hands that I used to proudly display on my fireplace mantle.  I kept every paper that they traced their hand on and dated it and put it in their scrapbook.  I just loved having a visual representation of how small they used to be and how fast they were growing.  {and believe me they grow WAY too fast}

I still have a weakness for handprints of my children, but it hasn't been as obsessive with my younger two.  However, when I saw this project here I just knew I was going to have to channel my inner crafty mom and do it (that person doesn't come out too often these days).  My second daughter has always just LOVED elephants, so this will be perfect to have her do.  I think it will look so cute matted and framed and hung up in her room.

That site (Busy Bee Kids Crafts) has many other handprint art projects that would be perfect to do with your little ones when you're bored at home.  These are perfect if you like quick, easy, not too messy & not too skilled projects!  Here's just a few I liked from that same site:

Turkeys just scream to be made out of handprints!

And of course the classic handprint turkey!
(photo from
And since it's almost Halloween, how about this one?

My oldest did one of these in school a very long time ago and we still have it in our Halloween decor box and get it out every year!  So simple, but so cute - and each year she loves to see how much her hands have grown!
(picture from

This one is creative too
(picture from here)

And I LOVE this one - a handprint AND a foot print!
(picture from here)
The possibilities are endless really and you and your kids can make whatever your heart desires!!
(picture/idea from here)
(I think I stole this one from one of my sister's Pinterests - so I don't know where it actually came from)
(photo from here)
And seriously tell me these next two aren't the cutest handprint arts you've ever seen!

(Both pictures from here)
So grab your construction paper, your finger paints and your googly eyes and your kids will think you are the coolest mom ever!
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