Monday, October 24, 2011

Scary Sketch Game

I loved this little drawing game as a kid...and my kids still like it now. For lack of a name for it, I've decided to call it the Scary Sketch Game.

What you do is fold paper (however many people are doing it) into thirds. Make lines that go through the folds (as pictured—these are the neck and hip lines).
1. The first person draws a head (human, monster, animal, alien...whatever) and connects it to neck lines.
2. Then they fold it and hand it to the next person so that the head isn't visible.
3. The second person will draw a body connected to neck and hip lines. It can be whatever their imagination comes up with.
4. Then they fold their paper so that only the bottom section shows and hand it off.
5. The last person draws the legs.
It’s quite a simple game. When you’re done, the last person unfolds their paper and a monster of some sort is unveiled. We set all the drawings down so we can see them all, and it is a blast! Lately, we’ve used these to write letters on the backside and send to grandparents or my college daughter (they not only get a letter, but a weird drawing as well). Try it out. The game only takes about 5 minutes and is SO FUN! And best of all…it’s FREE!

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Get Hooked said...

I'm totally calling this FHE tonight. My girls will love it! Great idea.

linenandoak said...

What a fun activity! Thanks for sharing!

tiffunny said...

I remember doing this for FHE growing up. It was always one of our favorite ones too!

Bethany said...

i love this idea.

Beth ( said...

Clever idea! It came out super cute too! I'm going to have to try this! Thanks for linking to TGIF!

Mariann said...

I remember when we were kids, we did the same ;)

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