Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last weekend, the women of our church had a large world-wide conference.  As usual, it was filled with inspiring words of wisdom and encouragement about fulfilling our very important roles as women.  They always save the best for last, and in this case, we were treated with a fantastic message from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of our First Presidency.  He's easy on the eyes and his messages warm your heart with love.  If you'd like to watch his message, you can find it here.

In his message, he used the small, Forget-me-not flower as his analogy.  It's a beautiful flower, but it's often overlooked and not even noticed because of showier, more beautiful flowers surrounding it.  How often do we feel like that flower?  Do we ever feel forgotten or not as important?  We as women as so hard on ourselves because we unfairly compare ourselves CONSTANTLY with others.  He told us that just as the Forget-me-not has 5 petals, here are 5 things we needed to always remember as women!

 1)  Be patient with ourselves.  God knows we are not perfect and we need to stop having impossible expectations of ourselves because we are comparing ourselves to others.  Our success may be tiny and unnoticed by most of the world, but HE notices them.

2)  Forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice.  Or in other words, use our time wisely and commit our time and energy into things that matter most!

3) Forget not to be happy NOW!  He used the story of Willy Wonka and how the whole world was so obsessed with finding that Golden Ticket that they no longer enjoyed the candy bars they once did.  We need to remember to not close our eyes to the simple joys in our lives either because we're waiting for a metaphorical "golden ticket".

4) Forget not the "why" of the gospel.  When we remember this, it inspires and lifts us.  It is not an obligation but a pathway!

5) Forget not that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ LOVES you!  You are NOT forgotten to Them.

The whole time I listened to his talk, I started designing this cute print out I would make and then frame and give to my mom and sisters.  I guess I wasn't that surprised that evening when I got home to see many others had the same idea and had already done them.  So here's a few I found that I really liked and thought I'd share with you in case any of you want to have a reminder of this talk in your homes as well.
{disclaimer: most of these were found from and I don't know each individual designer's name to give them credit}

(from Sugardoodle)

(from Sugardoodle)

(from Sugardoodle)

(from Sugardoodle)

And for all you WillowTree lovers, how perfect is this that they sell a women holding Forget-me-nots?

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Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Great collection--thank you!

Hilary and Chris said...

LOVE LOVE LOVED that talk. I think I love the first one listed here the best!!! Might just have to print that bad boy out!!!

Madison said...

Thank you! I love that you gathered all these together. I think I will have to print one out and frame it for my desk.

Madison said...

Also I had never heard of Sugar Doodle before and I am hooked. Thank you!

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