Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food Storage: Water...

With all the recent disasters in the world I am sure many of you are like me and feel the need to get your food storage in order.  I know for me hearing of these disasters and then also being a mom makes me extra anxious to get everything in order.  For our first segment in food storage we will discuss water.

Do you know that you can only survive a few days without water? 
Water is so vital to our survival.  Often when we think of food storage we think about FOOD.  We try stocking up on flour, wheat and other staple food items.  But how many of us stock up on our water?  We could have 30 years of food storage but if we don't have water, in a disaster, that food storage will only keep you going as long as you have water.

Knowing this, I decided that I needed to get my water supply started.  I occasionally buy bottled waters but never had more than 75 bottles at a time.  Someone told me that our local grocery store was selling 55 gallon barrels for $39.  I quickly headed over and bought me one.  I would of bought 2 but I got the very last one.  So if you don't already have a big water barrel (30+ gallons) I would do your research and find you one.
Here is a link to one example:
water kit
This kits appeals to me because it comes with the siphon, the pump AND a purifier!  All too often we buy the barrel, fill it up but don't realize we need something to siphon it out with!

Once you have your big barrel take the next step and actually fill it up.  The water will last or stay good for 6 months to a year in that barrel.  To make it easier to know when to empty out the old water and refill I like to fill mine based off my church's general conference.  Twice a year my church's leaders speak to us (generally the first weekends of April and October).  So each time I listen to general conference I will empty my water barrel out and refill it.  If you don't have general conference as a reference you can base it off daylight savings (which I realize is not 6 months apart but could work...and yes I realize some of you lucky ones don't have daylight savings time).  Either way, find 2 significant dates, preferably 6 months apart, to use as your empty and refill days.  On top of having a big water barrel it is important to slowly start filling up empty plastic bottles.  The 2 liter soda bottles work great for water storage.  Instead of throwing them away, clean them out (dishwashing soap & water...and then sanitize by using bleach and water) and fill them up.  Once they are filled, the water will be good for 6 months.  Do not use empty milk containers for water storage.  Empty 2 liter soda bottles are recommended.  To find out more about water storage go to

Lastly remember that you will need a gallon of water per person per day on average.  So a 55 gallon water barrel would last my family of 5 roughly 11 days but again that is assuming that all we use the water for is drinking. 

Another option in case of emergency...
I received this email this summer (so obviously the price "special" is not valid but you get the idea) I am not necessarily saying buy this particular one, but it was very informative!
If there is an impending disaster, throw this in your bathtub and fill it up (up to 65-100 gallons).  Then siphon out as needed. 



Trevino said...

Your water heater also stores water that you could use in an emergency through the spicket on it....

Andrea said...

If you add hydrogen peroxide to the water (I would need to find the ratios) the water will last years instead of months. Much less wasteful and hydrogen peroxide leaves no taste since it is just water with an extra oxygen attached. I can check and find out the specifics if anyone is interested.

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