Monday, October 10, 2011

Treats That Make You Think You're Being Tricked!

Like my title?  I thought I was being so clever since it's almost Halloween time.  Maybe not.

So today I just wanted to share some of my low calorie finds with you - in hopes that you can then share with me even more that I don't know about.  I'm always on the look out for new foods to eat that are delicious, satisfying and best of all, low-calorie.

 During the summer, I loved these babies.  It could be 9:00 at night and I would get a hankering for something sweet and I felt absolutely NO GUILT opening up one of these to eat.  And check out how many calories are in one popsicle people.  Yes you read that right.  20 calories!!!  That is insane because they taste delicious and satisfy my sweet tooth perfectly.  The only thing I don't particularly like about them (as of all things "sugar free") is the use of Splenda in them.  I try to never consume those fake sugars whenever possible.  But this box of popsicles has been in my freezer for at least 3 months, so I can justify that I'm not consuming that much of it I guess since I don't eat them too often.  Still - that stops them from being completely perfect.

These Dreyers/Edy's fruit bars are also very delicious and extremely low calorie as well.  They have a wider variety of flavors than the others do.  You all will think I'm a huge popsicle fan now or something, but I just like that I can buy them and they last a very long time in my freezer so they are there when I need them.  And speaking of low calorie frozen sweets - Otter Pops have 15 calories in them people!  Can't beat that.  I'm just not a huge fan of sucking my dessert out of a piece of plastic though - unless it's a milkshake!
I'm also a fan of these Yoplait Delights.  100 calories.  That's pretty good right?  And they are really delicious - even to people like me that don't really like yogurt too much cause I get tired of it after a few bites.  I can actually eat one of these - maybe cause they are smaller, but also beause who wouldn't love to eat chocolate raspberries for breakfast?

And of course you always can't go wrong with yummy fresh fruit.  It's just my problem is I don't like when things spoil or get too ripe.  And at our house we have a huge problem with that happening before things are eaten.  Good thing grapes and dried apricots can be thrown in the freezer and taste even better when they are cold and frozen!!!

I'm sure there are TONS more yummy snacks/treats out there that are also healthy.  Help expand my horizons and tell me what your favorite ones are!

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Dana from Our Life's Legacy said...

Good suggestions! Now that the weather is cooling down, might I suggest crock pot applesauce? So easy and we love it so much more than the packaged stuff!

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