Friday, February 17, 2012

A Bitter Rant...

Today I guess I can only describe how I am feeling as bitter.  So if you don't want to read some bitter ramblings from a jaded cynic, please close your browser now...  You've been warned.

A dear friend of mine passed away on Sunday night after a 10 month bout with ovarian cancer.  She is an amazing person and every day was just better because she was here.  She simply made the world a nicer place to be.  She is good and kind and patient and generous and I loved being around her and spending time with her.  I'm sure there was many a time when she wished I would leave but she always made it so comfortable and enjoyable to be around her that I would always overstay my welcome.  She was always there for me when I needed a listening ear or a sounding board or a shoulder to cry on.

Now she is gone and the world feels a bit darker for her not being here.  I have struggled with my emotions all week and I can only say that it has really gotten under my skin that every time I turn on the TV or radio or Internet, all I can hear about or listen to is Whitney Houston this and that.  It is really hard to lose someone you love who was good and kind and truly made the world a better place but the only thing the media can focus on is someone who died who, to be honest, was somewhat of a waste of skin (yes, I do realize that is judgmental; sue me).

I know that Whitney Houston was a child of God too but come on already.  I'm sick to my eyeballs of having to hear about her death and wonder whether or not she OD'd or not (like that's really in question) and see people who probably had never been within 500 miles of her holding candlelight vigils and weeping openly in the streets for someone who quite frankly didn't make a hill of beans difference to the betterment of mankind.  It's no secret that I not only don't subscribe to any form of celebrity worship, but I simply don't give a rat's rear end for any of them.  It's terribly obscene that our society can put so much unearned emphasis on the life of someone who did so little for others when truly good and amazing people also die every single day and they don't even get a mention on the nightly news let alone years of constant haranguing on the subject (you know who you are, cough cough, Michael Jackson, Princess Di). 

I will attend the funeral of my dear friend today and I will shed tears for years to come for a life that was cut too short.  But besides those of us who knew and loved her, you will never hear about her on Newsline, no one will twitter about her death, or rally the cry for more funding for ovarian cancer research.  She died like she lived - quietly and with honor and dignity.  If you are party to the process that allows so much attention to be focused on celebrity, please take a moment to reflect on those in your life that truly did make a difference to you and the world, who truly "passed on" a legacy worth remembering and fawning over. 

I'll miss you, Karleen!

And this is in memory of my Grandpa who would have been 106 today.  He would always sing this song to us and I loved to hear him sing it.  It was a nice melancholy tune that must have resonated with my innate cynicism.  Now, after seeing the words in print, I realize how sad the song really was.  Just seeing the words make me miss my Grandpa who was another wonderful person you've never heard about from the news.  Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Babes in the Woods
My friends, have you heard, how a long time ago,
Two little children whose names I don't know,
Were stolen away on a bright summer's day,
And left in the woods, I've heard people say.

And when it was night, so sad was their plight,
The sun went down, and the moon gave no light,
They sobbed and they sighed, and they bitterly cried,
Then the poor little things, they laid down and died.

And when they were dead, the robins so red,
Brought strawberry leaves and over them spread,
And all the night long, the branches among,
They mourned as they whistled, and this was their song....

Poor babes in the woods,
Poor babes in the woods,
Oh don't you remember
Poor babes in the woods.

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Herballistic Garden said...

Awww....I'm so sorry for your loss. Your pain is obvious to all and if I was there, I'd give you a hug. Life isn't fair sometimes is it? I do believe in Whitney's case it's more the music people (who didn't know her personally)are mourning the loss of. It was iconic in it's way and probably had meaning to alot of people at different times in their lives, but I truly do believe the hype of society mourning her death at the same time as someone else loses a close friend/relative is hurtful. You are lucky to have such wondrous memories of such a wonderful person. Take care Andrea. xo wendy

Heidi said...

Sweetie I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend. She sounds amazing and I am sorry she had to suffer through cancer, as we know from Grandma's experience that it is true suffering). Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers...I love you sweetie and can't wait to see you next month!!

Charissa said...

Ah, sis, don't be bitter. Just be grateful for knowing Karleen...and everyone else who has already passed on (I was thinking of Grandpa and Grandma today too--miss them). Our lives are enriched by each person that touches us--because every single person on earth has a spark of the divine (even Whitney, who sung the Star Spangled Banner better than anyone else I've ever heard).

the "Speece"iest family you know said...

I am truly sorry for your loss. I am a medical assistant who worked for a few years with the best gynecologic oncologist in San Diego. I saw first hand the horrible disease that is Ovarian Cancer. I too am sick to death of the un-necessary attention these so called "role models" set for people. May you find peace and comfort in this time of grief. And I pray that our society wakes up! There are definately more important people in our lives than a Hilton, Lohan or Kardashian! Thanks for the post!

MissMolly said...

Karleen was quite the sweetheart wasn't she? I didn't even know her that well, but you would never know that by the way she treated me. She was always just so kind. She's the type of person that just looking at her makes you smile and feel warm inside. :) Love the picture, thanks for posting.

tiffunny said...

I feel your pain sis. Sorry for your loss. Larry & I have been quite sick of all the Whitney hype too. She was a good singer and all, but we as a society have got to stop idolizing celebrities. Most of all it was just annoying and actually really really sad that all the media did the last few years was mock her and make fun of her because she had clearly let her life go to waste and couldn't even sing anymore, but then she unexpectedly died and they suddenly forgot about all of that and once again she was their unsung hero. Thanks for the little tribute to Grandpa too. I was thinking of him too and how long it's been since he left us. I was telling Mom I think i'm still in denial that Grandma is gone - i still pretend she isn't.

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