Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Duct Tape...The Miracle Worker?

Last year my oldest got a wart.   I can't tell you how grossed out I am by warts.  They creep me out and make me shutter.  So naturally when my boys each got warts (yes they each got 2) I was mortified. 

So I did what any mortifed person would do and I spent the moolah and bought those expensive wart remover kits at the store.  I used them religiously and burned those bad boys twice a day.  And guess what?  I thought we had killed them and BAM out of no where those pesky warts reappeared a few days later. 

The longer those warts were there the harder and more resistant they became to those burners.
Finally after months of buying and rebuying those pricey kits I remembered something I had heard as a kid.  That duct tape will kill those warts. 

I figured at this point that it wasn't going to hurt to try.  Plus duct tape was a whole lot cheaper than those kits and would last much longer.  And if I was feeling really creative I could make myself an outift out of the duct tape later :)

So I began wrapping those warts every day.  My oldest was good to leave the duct tape on all day and within a few weeks both of the warts were gone forever.  My other boy was more picky and would only have the duct tape on during night time so his took a little longer but after a month of duct taping every night his too went away. 

In fact during this time my oldest got stitches in his chin and while the doc was stitching him up he noticed the duct tape on his fingers and asked about it and I told him we were getting rid of warts and he told me that he had heard that worked good.  So I took that as a doctors endorsement :)

So as a service to you I will save you the expense of buying those kits or even paying to go see a doctor.  Just buy yourself a cheap pack of duct tape and wrap those warts as often as possible and I promise within a few weeks those babies will be gone.  And if you want to speed the process up I took a nail file and filed the dead skin off every few days. 

And I must make it be known that this post has been in the works for weeks and of course a few days before it was scheduled to be posted there was an article on Yahoo News about duct tape and warts.  I promise this was written before then:)

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Jenny Melrose said...

That is the greatest trick. I thought you had to have them frozen off. I wanted to invite you to a bloglovin' blog hop over at www.thenymelrosefamily.blogspot.com/2012/02/bloglovin-blog-hop.html. Bloglovin' is extremely similar to GFC and so much better than linky. The instructions on how to add are posted with the hop. Thanks for sharing!

Charissa said...

Will have to remember this. The kids do nothing; the freezing kids do work, but they are more expensive than duct tape to be sure.

tiffunny said...

I can personally attest that this method works as well. Maddy had one by her ankle many years ago and nothing was working, and after a week or two of duct tape, it was gone and never came back. There's only one kind of kit we ever buy and it's the really strong freezing one where you hear your skin sizzling and everything. But the duct tape, although it can take a tad longer, ALWAYS works and they don't come back or resist!

Anita Stafford said...

Super way to get rid of a wart! I have heard that if you have duct tape and vick's vapor rub you can fix or cure anything, just might be true!

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