Friday, February 24, 2012

Sewing Table Makeover

I am not a seamstress...yet anyway!!  I just got a sewing machine from my hubby for Christmas and with my OCD personality--I needed a place to sew before I could actually start using it!!  I know that doesn't really make sense but that's just me.  Anyway, I found this beauty of a piece on craigslist and just had to get it for my newest hobby.  Once I got my hands on it I realized just how old and worn-out my precious new sewing table really was.  'This calls for a makeover' I thought to myself.  I see all of you super creative gals out there refurbishing old furniture and decided to throw my hat into the 'makeover' ring as well--even though I didn't know a thing about it.  This is where searching the Internet comes in handy.  So, here is a step-by-step project from a super newbie of a DIYer--

I didn't get a great BEFORE pic (I am already showing my novice-ness aren't I ?) but I did get a picture of it as we were sanding it.  It definitely needed a good sanding--it had a ton of nicks and scratches all over it--plus the sanding helps the new paint stick better.
Yes, my cute hubby is sanding this puppy for me!!  He's the best!
After sanding it and wiping it down, I started with the paint.  I used some black paint from Home Depot.
The coolest feature about my new table (the reason I fell in love with it in the first place) is the latch on top.  It opens up to hold my sewing machine--isn't that just sooo cool??
I put a couple of coats on--JUST TO BE SURE!  Then I had a vision of what I wanted to do next.  I love it when I have a vision of a project--it gets me very excited!  So, I painted the top white instead of black.
And here is where the real fun and tedious work comes in to play.  I found this stencil online at  There was an awesome tutorial there with this free stencil printable.  You should go and check it out here.  Anyway, I printed out the stencil and started cutting it with a exact-o-knife.  I'm not going to lie--this took some time, but it was exactly what I wanted so I stayed strong!
After cutting 3 printed pages of my quatrefoil I started painting.  I taped my stencil into place and used a sponge dauber to apply my paint.  Then, after I was all done and it all dried I had some touch-ups to do.  This was also slow-going and a bit tedious but my vision was coming together and there's nothing better than that.  Plus, my husband and boys just kept walking over and telling me how awesome it looked.  Anytime my spirits started to lag a little they helped me keep my chin up!  Love my FAMILY!! But before I could officially say I was all done, I had to spray it with a sealant to keep the color vibrant and to avoid chipping or anything else like that that would just devastate me after all this hard work!   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it turned out.  It looks perfect in my crafty room and was totally worth all the time and energy I put into it.  Check out my homemade stencil job--Not too bad for a newbie huh??
And look how perfectly my sewing machine and thread fit inside.  I LOVE IT!
I think I'm hooked.  Now I just need to find a cute chair to 'redo' to go along with it.  The search is on. 
I also can't wait to use my machine and make some of the super cute stuff that is out there.  I am always seeing how creative and amazing everyone is out in the blogging world and now I can start doing some of those amazing sewing projects that I am always swooning over.  YAY!!  LET THE SEWING BEGIN!!
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Briana Richardson said...

I love it! And I especially love how the sewing machine fits inside, and the stencils! Great job!

Charissa said...

Nice job, Marcy! This looks so cool.

Liz Shields said...

I want to see more pics of your craft room- super cute wall colors- and amazing sewing table- inspiring!

Anita Stafford said...

You did a really nice job on this! I love it and hope you will enjoy sewing with this great place to work!

Wolfelicious said...

The table looks wonderful!! Great job.


Just Jaime said...

Looks awesome!

We just started a link up party. If you're interested, we'd love to have you!

Jill ~ Jillify It said...

Love your sewing table! I would love it if you linked up at my party going on now! (It's my very first one!!)


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