Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinterest Loves

I love my Pinterest so so much!!  Here are a few of my favorite finds lately...
I think these beds are awesome...of course I would NEVER feel comfortable having my child sleep up there!!  Haha!
pinned here
What a brilliant idea!!  For those little collars or hems...a quick run through with the hair striaghtener and you are good to go!!
pinned here

Coconut milk & cocoa powder...sounds and looks delish!!
pinned here

Love this art table...I want to make one for my little girls!!
pinned here

Such a cute idea to document who your child really is...their daily happenings!
pinned here

Storing and organizing your plastic lids in a drying rack...such a genius idea!!
pinned here
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Johnson Fam said...

Loved seeing the pin on the flat iron b/c I do this all the time with clothes, especially little girls dresses and ties.

Torey's Travels said...

i like this

Nicole said...

Some of the links are funny - like the frosting shots go to the lids and I can't find it on pinterest!

Marcy said...

LOVE the beds!! Hope you girls are having fun!!

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