Monday, August 15, 2011

Back To School Traditions - New Clothes Fashion Show!

First of all, back to school clothes shopping is VERY important to my two oldest girls.  They look forward to it all summer and always end up convincing me to buy them way more than I originally planned.  They are quite the bargain shoppers I guess (or I'm just a big sucker).  However, with that being said, I CAN NOT STAND how their closets and drawers are all stuffed to capacity, yet they wear the same clothes ALL THE TIME!  Quite different from how I grew up.  So each year, I make them go through their closets and drawers and get rid of all the clothes they no longer wear for whatever reasons and bag them up (pictures on the left).  They can't get new stuff until they make room.  Out with the old and in with the new!  I think it's important for them to learn this skill while they're young. 

In years past, the new clothes have sat neatly in a pile until the first day of school.  Not that fun right?  Well, last year, my family and I all got together right before school started and had a "Back to School" fashion show.  I first saw the idea on Jamie Carter's blog (you know THE Jamie Carter from the popular eighteen25 blog) several years ago before her fame & fortune!  My sister and I just loved the idea and made a way for it to happen.  It was so fun for the kids to get to show off all their new school outfits to each other and us adults really had a fun time too.  Finish the night off with yummy food and you've got the perfect family get together!  Here's some pictures from last year's fashion show!  Go and plan your own today!



Melanie said...

We always did a fashion show with our back to school clothes when I was growing up!

Janna Nielson said...

Your kids are adorable! I forgot that we used to do this too. My son doesn't care at all but when my girl gets older I'll remember this little tradition:)

april@gingerbread said...

oh my this looks like so much fun! I love your blog...especially the name...cause i have lots of junk in my trunk! hahahah
I hope you will link up with me here!

Jordan McCollum said...

We had back to school fashion shows, too! I love that you're teaching your children "stuff budgeting."

Krista's Paper Cafe said...

This is a fun idea--to photo the "fashions" and create a keepsake.
Our school has uniforms, but my daughter received some new clothes anyway. :)

I came here from Patches of Pink. I am entry #22. I made back to school tags for my kids. Come on over.

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