Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Oldest!!

Today is the birthday of our oldest sister...Charissa!

We were given strict orders to not do a long post...not too many pictures...and not too personal.  Hmmm...what's that you say about oldest children being bossy??  =)
But everyone could use a little embarrassment on their special day so enjoy the pics!

Sorry can't sneak away without ONE classic picture shout out...
who didn't love the days of "double image" portrait shots from school?!?!

And did you know that...
Orville Wright, Snuffy (from Sesame Street) and Bill Clinton (but please don't hold that against her) were all born on this day as well?
Consider yourselves learned for the day!

Happy Birthday Charissa!  Our dear oldest sister...thanks for always being an example we could look up to!  We love you!

*Stay tuned next week for a super YUMMY and EXCITING giveaway!!



The B's said...

Love the pictures! Check out my blog...I'm doing a giveaway for bows...but we're talking about your favorite or least favorite hairstyles! Ha!

gubler5 said...

Charissa has brought nothing but happiness to us and made the world a far better place with her many talents!!!! Surprised there are so few pictures of her because being the oldest, we took a butt load of pictures!!!!! Sorry Heidi that we still can't find yours, but I was there and I know you were born!

Liesl said...

Happy birthday Char!! Love ya sis

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to the sister! :) Thanks for sharing those precious pictures. :)

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