Thursday, August 18, 2011

National Bad Poetry Day

I don't know how Charissa knows these kinds of things, but she told us that today is National Bad Poetry Day!
*What was life like before the internet when we didn't know such things as this?

In honor of this special day...hehe...we couldn't help but introduce you all to some priceless poems written by none other than...LIESL!

And don't even act like you don't LOVE the scrapbooking skills you are witnessing here!  Patterned paper...scissor's all too classic for words!

See, the scissors make the page!  =)

And this one was always our favorite!!

Thanks Liesl for making this holiday FUN!!
Come on...don't even act like you weren't laughing out loud!!



Liesl said...

Don't be jealous of my poetry skills:) Seriously the Blue sky grey one makes me look like I'm a depressed! I swear I wasn't:) Don't make me showcase some of my amazing songs I wrote too:)

Angela said...

It really works better than neosporin on cuts? I'd never head that before. Good to know.

Hilary and Chris said...

Carmex is addictive... Don't use it!

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