Thursday, August 11, 2011

Capturing those "Back to School" moments!

Hi.  My name is Tiffany and I'm a picture-holic.  I can never have too many pictures and my poor computer hard drive will confirm that.  I love taking photos and spend time dreaming up ideas or poses to torture my children with.  With school just about to start for most of us, I thought I'd share some fun photo ideas for the infamous First Day of School.  We all take them, so why not have some fresh, new ideas right?

First off is the classic "backpack" pose.  These are a MUST if you have a little Kindergartner or preschooler.  It's so fun to look back and see how HUGE the backpacks were on them.

Especially when they keep that same backpack for many years and you can watch them grow with it!

Next is probably one of my favorite things to do - documenting what grade they are going into by having the kids hold up their fingers. 

My other favorite that is a MUST each year . . . taking their picture in front of the door (or some other stationary object that has features on it so you can measure/see growth).  I am still perfecting this one though because as I looked through their pictures last year to show their growth from the 1st day of school to the last day of school, I realized that I don't always take the picture from the same location or angle.  That makes a difference because it can totally negate the whole point of it all - being able to see exactly how much your kid grew! So my word of advice is pay attention to where you stand to take the picture as well!  Also, don't let your kids lean back and slouch against it either.  Seriously, look how much my little girl grew last year though! <sniff>

Besides those 3 suggestions, all I have to say is HAVE FUN!  Kids grow up way too fast, so document every little thing you just cherish about the whole day.  The next time you get this chance, they will be another year older so take advantage of TODAY!  Here's some "little things" I take pictures of:

Take pictures of the kids getting ready to head out the door together.  Take pictures of the kids on the playground before they separate to their classes.  Take pictures with their teachers or in front of their classroom.

Take pictures of the kids getting on the school bus or of your kids walking home together.

Then you can take all those pictures and make fun little collages/scrapbook pages and print them out in your Blurb books and treasure them forever!



Canda said...

I've done the backpack and door ones before, but I LOVE the grade number idea. Thanks Tiffany!

Kimberly said...

I can't believe it's already time for them to go back to school! I love the layouts you did. Especially in the 2nd one where you included a picture of her new outfits, great idea!

HI THERE! said...

Great picture ideas and I love your layouts! Your kids are so cute! Have a great weekend!
Jenn :)

The Doodler said...

Great pictures, and adorable kids. Thanks for the tips, I will be keeping them in mind for future use!
I'm a new follower!

Brie from

gail said...

visiting from tatertots and jello
great tips!
I like the holding up the fingers and the stationary object

Mary-Sweetwater Style said...

Although my kids are off to jobs not school, I am a school library media specialist....who is the unofficial photographer and our school we all gather on the front lawn on the first day of school to celebrate being back together again. I do the pictures and your suggestions will make my pictures so much better. I learned a lot Thanks!

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