Monday, May 21, 2012

Favorite Things Birthday Gift

This past year on my birthday, I had a friend give me a gift that contained a few of her favorite things.
I thought that was a brilliant idea and so of course I immediately copied! =)
Funny thing is...I copied her idea for HER birthday!!
Yep, for her birthday, I gave her a gift with some of MY favorite ideas.
And I said thank you very much for giving me the idea!!

I had 2 friends with birthdays right at the same time so I bought 2 of everything and voila I was done!

Here is what I did.
I bought about 10 different items that I really liked and figured most people would enjoy or use too!  Then I attached a little note to each item stating why I liked it.

Here are a few from my gift...
Socks...gum...gummi bears...Reeses minis (love how easy these are to pop in your mouth, you don't even have to unwrap anything!! - it's dangerous I tell ya!)...Shout color catcher...Great Harvest bread...lip balm.

Each item was under $5 so really you could just grab 2-3 items and make a lot cheaper of a gift!  Happy gift shopping!!  =)



Charissa said...

This is a fun idea. I've done it even with my husband, picking up little things like a cheap flashlight, batteries, lighter, chocolates, etc and taping little notes that play off the name of each item just to personalize the silly gifts so they mean something. (He'd still like the $500 scroll saw better probably, but this way he knows I still love him)

tiffunny said...

Very cute and fun idea!

Waseem said...

Things like chocolates, batteries, etc play a role to personalize gifts and are easy to manage.
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