Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring Nature Walk

I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile back and thought it looked cute and simple.  So spur of the moment one day recently we decided to do it!!
I grabbed my 2 girls...ages 5 and 3 and wrapped a piece of duct tape on each of their wrists like a bracelet.
We then walked around our little neighborhood collecting parts of nature!

Anything they found that they liked, they picked it up and stuck it on their bracelets.

Rose petals...yep!

And virtually no help needed from mom.

We even threw a flower behind her ear to add to her exotic look for the day!

Showing off her 2 beautiful bracelets she made!

Even mommy made one!

What fun things do you like to do outside with your kids in this beautiful spring weather??


Charissa said...

That is a super cute idea! Why didn't I have Pinterest to help me ages ago when I did Preschool? Oh, the time it would have saved me.

Heidi said...

Yes, how did we survive without Pinterest! =) I love all the ideas and inspiration I get from there!!

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