Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Birthday Girl

We were lucky this past year to get a new sister in law when our baby brother got married.
And wouldn't you know it that our new fun, sweet sis-in-law is celebrating a big birthday today!!
Look how innocent this girl is!!
She is a spunky, feisty red head!
She fits in our family PERFECTLY!!
She totally gets our crazy quirkiness...in fact she is just as quirky if you ask me!! =)
Happy Happy Birthday Kelly dear!!
We all love and adore you and are thrilled our brother chose YOU!!

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Charissa said...

Yeah, my brother did good!

Kelly Gubler said...

Oh my gosh! Your brother is in so much trouble!! I love you guys! Thanks!!

Marcy said...

i love those pics...especially that one with the hat! what a doll!

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