Friday, January 27, 2012

Stupid Questions!

Have you ever wondered why pigs’ tails are curly? And why do they call those delicious round candies M&Ms instead of C&Cs? They’re chocolate candy aren’t they? And those words both start with C’s, not M’s.

Has anyone ever asked you a stupid question?

My mom always told me there was no such thing as a stupid question...but sometimes I wonder! I have a daughter who just likes to talk and ask whatever comes off the top of her head without thinking first. Sometimes she already knows the answer, or it isn’t a question that is answerable, but she insists on asking it a half dozen times anyway, until I finally tell her in frustration to google it if she is so determined to have an answer other than “I don’t know.”

So in honor of my daughter and all those others out there who aren’t afraid to ask stupid questions and become the next Einsteins of the next generation…here’s a bunch of stupid questions just for YOU!

What came first: the chicken or the egg? (The stupid question that has passed the test of time)

Who came up with dinosaur names? (They’re way too hard to pronounce, except for 4 year olds)

What does Hello really mean? (If you break it down, it almost sounds like you’re cursing someone instead of greeting them)

Why are stop signs octagons instead of heptagons or just plain squares? (Those shapes would be easier to cut out and make)

Why do dogs look like their owners? (It’s sometimes freaky)

Who's the grunt that comes up with all the weird holidays out there?  (I want his job)

Why is football named that when only one player on the team uses his foot? (It should be called tackleball because that’s what they’re doing…and it just makes it confusing with soccer, which actually is played with the foot).

OUCH! My brain hurts. Maybe I shouldn’t get mad at my daughter anymore for asking stupid questions. It’s harder to do than it seems! Why don’t you give it a try before the day ends and see if you agree! Feel free to leave your comment here with YOUR stupid question.

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Trevino said...

My dad used to always ask us why you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway.....

Heidi said...

Hello...haha I never even really thought about that!!

Charissa said...

Or why does a ship carry cargo...but sending things by truck is called shipping?

tiffunny said...

wish i could remember some of the ones my kids ask me. we really do use some funny terms that make no sense - even small children can see that.

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