Thursday, January 19, 2012

Women's Facial Shaving

I have a confession:
I shave my face!!
That's right I do and I'm proud of it!
I also shave my arms if you really need to know because I hate hair on my body.
However, I don't use a man razor...I use a facial razor. Big big difference between the two!
Please please please never put a Gillette man razor to your face!
I have used a couple different brands of facial razors, so far my favorite are the Personna brand. I buy them at a professional beauty supply but I looked online and they say they sell them at Walgreens. They are very cheap around 3 to 4 dollars for a pack of 3. I also have used a brand named Tinkle that I buy at Amazon.

On the package it shows a picture of them shaping their eyebrows with it but I wouldn't mess with your eyebrows unless you know what you're doing. Mostly just use it for your face and neck.
Now I know what some of you may be thinking right about now.
Will my hair grow back thicker, darker or coarser??? You're scared because the hair on your legs grows back all stubbly.
The answer is NO! 
It won't change at all because the hair on your face is much finer. It's more like a fuzz so no worries about seeing a 5 o'clock shadow;)
Everyone's hair is different though, so how often you need to shave your face will depend on you. As for me I usually shave mine every 2 weeks.

Now I'll tell you some of the perks of shaving your face.
First and foremost, you won't have a mustache, unwanted chin hairs, or a furry face when people see you in different lights.
Your face will feel so soft like a baby.
It also makes for better makeup application. Your foundation will go on so smoothly.
It's also Anti Aging!
Seriously it is because it's exfoliating your skin plus when you shave it causes a very minor irritation to skin which in turn causes tightening and plumping to take place over time and that's what will minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are some helpful hints for when you shave:
Don't go straight down, go at an angle with little strokes.
Pull your skin up to get around and under your chin and jawline.
Also shave your neck area right by your hairline. That's where a lot of peach fuzz is that we don't want to see.
I usually just shave mine right after I wash my face, that way the skin is softened a bit. You can also use creams or lotions but I don't think it's necessary, but like I said everyone's skin is so different.

Ok, well there you have it, my thoughts on facial hair.
Let's put our best face forward and start shaving!;)

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Charissa said...

I learn something new everyday. I had no idea you shaved (I can't even stand to shave my legs...though I do)

Amber C said...

I use one of those razors periodically for my eyebrows. I love it! When I have time I pluck my eyebrows, but if I'm tired of plucking I'll shave them.

Anita said...

I just don't think I am brave enough!

tiffunny said...

Wow! never knew. Maybe you'll have to give us a personal demonstration at sister's trip!

Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

My husband was just telling me about "all" the stars shaving their faces as a big beauty secret. I didn't really believe him, but did start shaving a little of the peach fuzz along my jaw line in case it was a hint to me. lol

Jennifer said...

*Gasp!* You are airing my secret!! :)

Lisa said...

I do the same thing!! I love it!! I love the personal razors, I buy mine at Walgreens. Just wanted to let you know that your not alone on this one. I also shave my arms!

Betsy Pool said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'm going to go buy a pack! I've been shaving my chin a little bit - I don't like all the peach fuzz. I'll have to check at Walgreens.

Dhaye said...

Well here is "the other side" I have been shaving for 11 years, I had no choice as I tried Lazar, waxing ect ect....Tried everything. I cry everyday and have for years, as the HAIR grows in courser and courser every year. Now I have a daily stubble aka 5 O'clock shadow and cannot go anywhere with stubble on my face !!!! Another issue is the stubble can irritate your skin and rub on the pillow at night. Razor burn can and does occur.... My advice is: although it is a quick fix for you guys, beware, it can turn into a nightmare than can never be fixed. Dhaye

George Chambers said...

You’re right to be proud of it. Whatever method you choose, I don’t think there’s something wrong with getting rid of unwanted hair in your face. Though I have to say that there are easier and more practical methods to choose from, like waxing or laser method, which might offer you a more permanent and satisfying result. Thank you for sharing, nonetheless!

George Chambers @ Amani Medspa

sann said...

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Steve Robert said...

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Nessrin Mostafa said...

I used this razor from along time on different parts in my body ( face, arm, legs) but when i used it on my leg it made an injury.
It's very sharp to use on a long area so it can cut the skin.

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Lanz Enock said...

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