Monday, June 20, 2011

Inexpensive ways to decorate your baby room

While I was pregnant with my first born son, I was constantly on the search for a cute crib bedding set to decorate his room with. However, I couldn't find anything I liked or that I wanted to spend a lot of money on.
I pretty much had what I wanted in my head but could not find anything like it. Pretty frustrating I tell ya!
So one day I was browsing through the scrapbook paper section of Micheal's and came across a cute cowboy bandanna paper. It was just what I pictured in Ty's room so I snatched up a couple sheets of it.

Now for the fun part!

The first thing I did was make the wipes box cuter.

Here's the before:
And here's after! 

I loved how it turned out! It was really easy to do too.
I just painted the top part of it. Then I measured the paper to fit the bottom part and Mod Podged it on. After it all was dry I Mod Podged the whole thing really good so it would last. And it has lasted, cause it still looks the same after 16 month's of continual use!

I was so excited how the wipes box turned out I quickly went through the room to see what else I could cover with the paper.
I found this old wood board hanger that was looking pretty boring.

I just did the same thing as before. I painted the edges black and then Mod Podged the paper on it and then Mod Podged the whole thing. Seriously I love Mod Podge!!

So much better!

I even put some of the paper in this frame to spice it up with the theme of the room.

After Ty was born I had these two canvas's made from his newborn photo shoot to help decorate the walls. I got the 11x11 canvas's pretty cheap from a promotion were having at the time. 
The other squares I just made myself using foam board and gluing sides on it to make it thicker like a canvas. Then covered with the paper and Mod Podged it. (More to come on this later)

For the bedding I just found a plain Ecru bumper, sheets and changing pad since the print was around the room. However, I looked everywhere for a plain black crib skirt. I seriously would have payed anything at the time to have it but seriously couldn't find one! All of them had some kind of design or wrong color. I found one that was all black but was a little too ruffled for a boys room I thought and it was over a hundred dollars for just a crib skirt!
Since I don't sew at all, I didn't have that option.
So one day I just decided to see what a little duck tape would do:)
I bought just plain cheap black fabric for $2 and folded it so it looked like it was hemmed and cut it into 3 sections for each side of the crib. I then just duct taped it to the board of the crib and within 5 minutes I had made a crib skirt! I'm pretty proud;)
Don't judge my uneven duct tape lines! :)

Can't even tell it's not sewn!

And here are some pictures of the finished room!
Obviously it's a cowboy theme cause my husband is pretty country. It made it cheaper for us since my husband has all the chaps, spurs, skull mount and saddle to decorate with.

So if you don't have a lot of money to spend on decorating your kid's room or don't like anything they sell or just want to add little finishing touches to area's of the room, go look for some paper you love and start decorating the room with it!


Sandie said...

I adore that room. You did such a great job. My boys are growing up way to fast, but I will have to file these away for a later use with grandkids maybe. I love the finished product.

Wet pretzels said...

That is such a great idea! I have been stumbling upon the same problem when thinking about my baby's room. Guess I have to go buy some paper now.

gubler5 said...

What I love about it is that a cowboy theme can stay with the baby for many years! A nursery room is outgrown way too fast! Love the room!

Jamie said...

Wow this post is flippin' fantastic!! What is Mod Podge? I don't know but I want to find out!!

Jill said...

Great ideas - and the room looks fabulous!!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

AmieAnn said...

These are ALL such adorable ideas.. love, love, love the cowboy paper you chose for everything.. Mod Podge is my best friend too! Hope you will share all of your cuteness with my Pink hIppo Party @

Lisa said...

Very cute ideas! I've been working on our nursery and doing the same kind of thing as you for decorating. I found some fun fabric and I'm covering everything as a cheap alternative to buying all kinds of expensive accessories.

Grammy Goodwill said...

I have 2 baby shower gifts to buy. After seeing what you did to the wipes and the pegboard, I am going to steal your ideas. Thanks.

C.S.P.B. said...

Who woulda'thunk it? FANTASTIC!. I don't have a baby but I'm thinking what I could do to start a theme in my own room.

Amy@Sassy Scarlett said...

Great ideas!!

The B's said...

I love this room. I used to work for a rodeo in Omaha, NE and love anything western like this. We don't have children but I do know that when we do this is how I'm going to decorate their room! Congrats on a great job!

Get Hooked said...

Did you really tell the whole world you duct taped your baby's crib skirt? Only you Liesl. Love the wipe idea. You are very creative.

~The Bargain Babe said...

That is such a cute baby room! The wipes container looks great, I may have to alter ours! And I love how the peg shelf turned out!

Stopping by from Paisley Passions blog party. Hope you can come say hi at my little blog sometime soon. :)

heather mohr said...

very nice and creative!!!

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Cutest baby room ever!! I adore it! I love decorating with paper, and all the things you did with has got me thinking ;) Thanks for the inspiration!! Would love to have you link this up on our linky party tomorrow!! Hope to see you there :)

Michelle said...

Love the wipes case! I see a lot of girl ones out there, but have never seen a boy one. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

Kendra said...

What a cute diaper case! I am making a cowboy diaper cake for a friend that would be awesome to give her! Thanks so much for the inspiration.


Emilee said...

Love the room! you did a great job! I did most of the things in my daughters nursery and now I'm working on boy things for our second!Love looking at other nurseries for great ideas like yours!

Jamie said...

What a great idea! I also love mod has got to be one of the greatest inventions....ever! Thanks for linking up last week. :)

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

I love the wipe box! I would love it if you would link up to my Tuesday Confessional link party going on now. It goes through the 1st. I hope to see you soon!

Karima said...

Great post and great ideas! now following you, Karima x

saw you on sweet peas

Robin said...

Very cute!

I LOVE this and would love it if you would link it up at my linky party:

Jenn said...

How adorable! I love how the accessories have the print, so it's not too overwhelming in the room.

Here's my secret weapon to making fabric crafts without sewing: fabric glue. I bought a bottle of basting glue, and I just glue it! Works great and looks like I used a lot more thread than I did. :)

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

SO creative!!! Love everything and how it's all personalized for the room!!

Thanks for linking up to “Strut Your Stuff Sunday” on our blog!! We appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing more of your fun projects :)


Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

So many creative ideas! And I'm totally using the diaper wipes case idea for a girlfriend who is expecting. Thanks for the inspiration

Kimberly said...

So cute! And I thought I was the only one to decorate the wet wipe box... :) (I used the same white box and put pretty contact paper on it.)

Ty and Whitty said...

I love it all especially the wipes case! Good job. I found you through the sunday scoop linky party and am your newest follower. Come and visit and follow back :)

A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

Carrie's The Created Home said...

Fabulous! My little guy has a western theme nursery as well. He shares with his big horse loving sister. Love what you came up with. The wipe box... exactly what I have on my "to do" list... thanks for pushing it higher in priority. :) Oh and your peg rack... what can I say great minds think alike... that too is a project in the works for my kiddos bathroom. Would love to have you stop by sometime! Stopping over from TT&J linky party. Blessings- Carrie

Michelle said...

PERFECT room for a little cowboy!

Heather Eum said...

Very Cute! Heather Eum Nashville, TN

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