Monday, June 13, 2011

Shoes, Shoes Everywhere!

With 7 people in our house, all with a good amount of shoes to their name, the shoes tend to pile up in various locations!
I feel like I have tried so many different methods.  We used to have a HUGE basket-o-shoes that everyone contributed to!  You came in, chucked your shoes in there and all was good...EXCEPT when it came time to actually FIND your shoes to wear them again!  Then there was digging and throwing and yelling and digging and crying and more digging and what was left scattered everywhere and a crying kid who couldn't find a pair of matching shoes!
Next up was buying bins for EACH person.  Now that actually did work fairly good as far as keeping everyone's shoes in their OWN place and they were able to find their shoes quite easily.  My main problem with that method was LOOKS.  It just didn't LOOK that good to the eye.  And since we don't have a "mud room" or secret place to store our shoes, our main living area it is!  Our front door AND our garage entry door are both right by each other so the shoe storage needed to be functional AND look pretty!

                                                               Welcome new fabulous shoe shelf...

                                                     Have I mentioned how much I love Ikea???

Each compartment holds up to 2 pairs of ADULT shoes and a bunch more of kids shoes.  This is my 8 year old sons bin and he has his church shoes, some flip flops and his play shoes fit in there as well.

I also labeled each kids name with my hand dandy label maker as well so there is no confusion as to who has which bin!

Thank you Ikea for saving the day!
*Now can we PLEASE get one here in Vegas!!!!

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gubler5 said...

Those shoe bins are a great creation!!!! I love mine!!!!

Jacqueline said...

I bought one of the white ones a while ago, unfortunately my kids were to rough and the plastic broke inside by the screws. I bought plastic epoxy to fix them but haven't yet. They do look great!

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