Thursday, June 30, 2011


Can someone please tell me that I am not alone here in my annoyance of the use of the word LOL? Now don't get me wrong, I am not a hater of this word completely. I have been known to use it now and But it drives me crazy when people over use it. Take for example this little conversation I saw on Facebook the other day.

Person 1: Hey what kind of car do you have? I forget. I thought it was a Honda Accord, but someone told me they dont make them hybrid. lol

Person 2: Yeah that's what I have. I love it. It's a 2010. Why? lol

Person 1: hahahha someone told me that they dont make them. lol i was like yeah i know someone who has one. She said she asked for one & they said they dont come as a hybrid. I was like I swear that you had one lol.

Person 2: yep i do. lol

Honestly people, the use of the word LOL in this conversation is OUT.OF.CONTROL. I mean lets dissect this little Facebook conversation. The first person asks this friend what kind of car they have. Then says what she thinks it is and how someone didn't think that car existed. She ends this sentence with a LOL. I am confused what is so funny with that statement that it literally made you LAUGH.OUT.LOUD. The second person informs this friend that she does in fact have this car and then asks WHY (apparently she didn't read what her friend had said already). She too ends her sentence with a LOL. Again I am speechless as to why this is so funny to them.

Now for the kicker. Person 1 starts her next sentence with HAHAHAHA. She is already anticipating a funny comment but as if the HAHAHA is not enough she ends her first sentence with yet another LOL. I don't know about you guys but I am on the floor clenching my sides because they hurt so much from laughing at this ultra hilarious conversation. Needless to say Person 1 uses yet another LOL to end her sentence and then Person 2 simply says, "yep I do. lol".

My personal feelings on this LOL business is that you need to use it with discretion. LOL means....LAUGH.OUT.LOUD. So unless you literally are laughing at loud please do not use this very teenager word.
And don't even get me started on how awful teenagers are at spelling, especially on Facebook. I mean is it so hard for them to just spell the word AND instead of spelling it ND. I see ND and I think North Dakota. Is it going to kill you to put that one extra letter in. I mean really the word is only 3 letters. Shortening it to 2 letters doesn't really make sense. In fact all it does is make you look lazy and quite frankly stupid.

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tiffunny said...

Hate, hate, hate the use of lol. I think it should be banned even if something does make you laugh out loud. Also not a big fan of wahoo cause really, who says that when they are excited?

Susan said...


Just kidding, I have a duaghter who graduated in 08 and one day I was reading over her shoulder at a message she was sending on facebook. Now my daughter graduated early, was in honor classes, and on the screen was the word "wat" I knew what she was trying to spell so I said you forgot the "h" in what and she told me that "wat" is short for what. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! I told her it made her look like she can't spell and if she told anyone she was in an honors class they would die laughing. This text or messaging lingo is unbelievable and I don't even try to understand it.

I am one to over use LOL, I'm sure but having 7 kids I have many LOL moments but I will be more aware of how often I use it from now on. I don't think (don't know for sure) if I use it out of context but will find out.

Love your (or in kids text lingo "ur") blog.


Susan said...

Forgot my comma after the I'm sure in my second paragraph. Sorry.

Just Jaime said...

I never say LOL. hahaha yes, but never LOL. I'm with you!

AEK said...

I could have written this post. Amen, sister!

I make it a point to not use "that word that can not be typed by me." It's the rebel in me I guess.


ebkins said...

@Tiffany - I say woohoo when I get excited (not exact spelling as your wahoo but similar!) anyways (N E Ways hahaha)I'm in total agreement with the over use of the "word" (not sure it can actually be called a word more acronym)... I do use it on occasion... trying to ONLY use it when I'm ACTUALLY LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

Much love for this blog! Love it!

Liz H said...

LQTM (laughing quietly to myself) is more appropriate and they won't write it as often because it's 4 letters instead of 3! :)

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