Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's All About DRY SHAMPOO

So I pretty much only wash my hair once or sometimes twice a week.
I would love to tell you I do this specifically because it's pretty healthy for your hair, 
but I do it mostly because I hate to wash my hair!

I hate the extra time it takes in the shower.
I hate to blow dry my hair.
I hate having to style it.
Pretty much I'm lazy with my hair and I hate spending time getting ready.

However, my laziness is so healthy for my hair!:)

Here's how:
-Your hair needs your natural oils to keep it hydrated. Hydrated hair is healthy hair:)
-When you shampoo it everyday you are stripping your hair of these natural oils.
-When you aren't washing it you aren't having to style it as much which means less damage from that blow dryer and other styling tools.

Now this is where some complain that their hair gets too greasy so they have to wash it. 
Yes, I understand that some people's hair gets greasier than others but mainly it's because their hair is so used to being washed everyday that it has to hurry and produce more oil to try to hydrate the hair.

For you everyday hair washer's just start out slowly. Start with washing it every other day for a couple of weeks so your body can get used to it. This extra day may kill some of you because of the extra oil and make it so you can't do anything with your hair. So this is where the magical potion comes into play: 

Dry Shampoo!

I've tried a lot of brands of dry shampoo's out there, some that were pretty pricey might I add but one beats them all and luckily for all of us it's not expensive and conveniently sold at Sally's Beauty Supply!
It's called Batiste Dry Shampoo and comes in a couple different scents. My fav is the Blush.

How does it work you ask?
It comes in an aerosol spray and all you do is shake, spray on your roots (I mostly just spray on my top half and maybe sides), rub it in and brush through.
Quick and easy and you have fresh hair again!
Plus a little added bonus for us blonde's is that it makes your roots look lighter.:) But don't worry if you have dark hair, it won't make it look light like Baby Powder does.

But I will say I still love Bumble and Bumble's Hair Powders too. They are just more expensive and with how much I use it, it's just not fun to fork out that extra money.
However, their dry shampoo's come in different colors which is pretty awesome.
I used to have red hair, however, my roots would come in so light that it looked like I had a grey hair stripe. So I bought the red colored dry shampoo and just sprayed it on my light roots and it instantly matched the rest of my red hair plus making it fresh and have body again. Same goes for if you're trying to hide your grey hairs in between hair appointments. Magical:)
It comes in several colors such as white, blondish, brown, red, and black.
So If you need the extra color bonus then I would definitely invest in a bottle of this magic.
So just to clarify, I'm not saying if you wash your hair everyday it's horrible for your hair. I know many people who do and have gorgeous healthy hair.
However, it does give you and your hair a break so why not give it a try!
It's not as hard now that we have the Dry Shampoo to use:)

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Anonymous said...

I was looking at the websites for both products and wondered if you saw Batiste's new colored shampoos just like bumble and bumble! here is the link:

Liesl said...

Wow thanks for the heads up! I should of looked at their actual website before I wrote this;) But it looks like it's just newly out so I can't find anywhere in the states to order from! I'll keep my eyes open for it:)

Judi said...

Wow...this is freaky that you guys have a blog with 6 sisters...because we do a blog with 7 sisters!! I saw a link to your blog on facebook through a common friend and so I had to check you out. Not to often you see so many sisters doing a blog!! Check out our blog at

LaRaine said...

Liesel, you are a girl after my own heart, my hair got so dry that years ago I started washing only once a week. It works, and my hair is healthier. I love my nieces "Junk in their Trunk). Thanks.

Marcy said...

I LIKE on FB--
I could really use some of this stuff!! I have always wanted to give it try! Love the blog girls!! You guys are awesome!

Dave and Alicia said...

I use dry shampoo nearly every day. Love it!

Maria said...

This sounds great. I think my daughter and I are going to give it a try - would be a huge help for her when she is rushing off to Seminary!

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