Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rough Heels??

I don't know about YOU
but I have a problem keeping my HEELS
from getting rough and cracked
during the seasons.
Especially when summer rolls around and it is flip flop time.
No one wants to see rough nasty skin with your
cute wedge flip flops!

I have tried different lotions...
vaseline, aquaphor, cetaphil, bag balm

I have tried the PedEgg

I have tried pumice stones.

Then my hubby and I spotted this little jewel
at Bed Bath & Beyond the other night on date night
(yes, we run errands on our date night, so romantic I know!)

We thought for $10 it was worth a shot.


This little heel therapy has worked wonders in this household!

It comes in a deodorant like stick which means
no more messy greasy hands to deal with after application!
Just roll on and go!

It is seriously amazing!

*This post was purely my opinion and not sponsored by any store or company or product



Tracy said...

ohhhh, I will definitely have to give this a try! I have the same heel "affliction." :)
Just became a follower, and cant wait to get to know this fab blog!

Check mine out

Maria said...

I am totally trying this!

Taylor Kowallis said...

nice!! I soooo have this problem! I will be checking this out! Thanks!

Bethany said...

I have the worst feet ever. I use this stuff almost every night. i put it on and put socks over my feet. the stuff stinks, but it works.

Patti said...

Just this afternoon I googled "rough skin on heels remedy". I can't find anything that will help. Guess where I'm going tomorrow? Bed Bath and Beyond
And guess what I'm buying there?

Oh, and hubs and i have "date nights" at Home Depot. Super romantic place.

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