Saturday, June 4, 2011

Knock off girl scout cookies...

Am I the only one who didn't see a single girl scout this cookie season?  What happened to the days where the little girls would go door to door selling their cookies?  Ok maybe I see why they don't want them going door to door but what happened to selling outside a grocery store?  Maybe I can chalk this one up to the fact that I live in a small town and basically when you live in a small town things are just done differently there (you are totally nodding your head right now agreeing if you have ever lived in a small town).  Anyways I have always loved loved loved the girl scout cookies.  Well let me rephrase that...I love the Caramel Delites (or Samoas depending on where you live...which this could be a whole post on its own...why is it called Samoas in some places and Caramel Delites in others...People in my small town thought I had lost it when I was asking for Caramel Delites.  They didn't have a clue and they thought I must be pretty dumb since on the box here it is clearly written Samoas...anyways I have digressed from my original post :)

So this year I really went looking for these little gems.  I was craving them badly and feeling myself getting desperate to find them.  But alas once I tracked down a place selling them they were of course OUT of my Caramel Delites. I wanted to cry...NO JOKE.
Yes my name is Tenille and I am addicted to Caramel Delites.  Thankfully my mother in law found me a box of them and sweetly gave me it.  Of course that box was done within 8 hours of me getting it and 6 of those hours I was sleeping :)  At one point we were down to our last Caramel Delite and I caught my 3 year old boy grabbing it.  I told him firmly that it was my cookie and to hand it over.  Being the obedient child that he is, he quickly took off running in a full sprint to his room.  Being the amazing mother that I am, I took off after him.  Of course that little stinker ate the cookie while running and I was left slouched on the floor wallowing in self pity over losing my last cookie (pathetic I know but don't pretend that you wouldn't have chased your child for that cookie....People, we are talking about Caramel Delites!!). 
And then the miracle occurred.  I posted this little story on my personal blog and my mom, sister and cousin all told me of Keeblers copy cat version of Caramel Delites.  I was so skeptical since I have had copy cat versions before but nothing compared to that overpriced box sold by those girl scouts.  But while I was shopping I saw this box. 

I figured I better give them a  try because after all, 3 very trustworthy people I knew had said they tasted just like the real thing.  Being the ultra patient person that I am, I opened the box in my car in the parking lot of the grocery store.  I took my first bite and, wait for it.....THEY WERE DIVINE.  Tastes almost exactly like the girl scout cookie, but is much much cheaper.  I mean what are girl scout boxes going for these days?  I believe they sell for $3.50 and you get about 5 cookies it feels like.  I got my box for $2.25 (don't know how that will compare with other stores since this was bought at a small town grocery store).  
Needless to say I have bought a few boxes since.  And obviously I have gained about 5 pounds but those 5 pounds were enjoyed and heavenly :)  But the greatest thing about this is I don't have to wait once a year and pay an arm and a leg for these beauties.  I can enjoy them all year long.  
So if you haven't tried these out, give them a whirl.  Let us know what your thoughts are on them.  
And can I get a Hallelujah for not having to wait til February/March 2012 to savor these babies!!!!
And yes while this post was being written at least 4 Coconut Dreams were enjoyed ;)



tiffunny said...

I think i still have a box or two of Carmel Delites in my cupboard waiting for you (from February). I wonder if they go stale. I did really good this year at resisting the temptation to eat whole boxes at a time. I've tried these replacements before and if I remember correctly, they do a great job of imitating the real thing. And yes Girl Scout cookies are way overpriced & it feels like you hardly have any cookies in the box! I think I had to pay $4 this year for each box!

Stew said...

Coconut Dreams are amazing. Not quite as amazing as Caramel Delites, but close enough that it doesn't matter. This year I think I paid 3.75 for girl scout cookies. But the knock off brand is still very very delicious!

Anonymous said...

Dollar General has a version of the carmel delight as well that I feel is as good as the girl scout version. Might want to check that out!

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