Monday, June 27, 2011

iPhone Camera Apps

I love to take pictures!
I am not that good at it, I don't know any of the technical terms or methods.
I just like to take pictures of my kids, plain and simple!

I don't think my camera is that good.  It is not even a year old but I am not a huge fan to say the least.

So I was very thankful to find 2 amazing apps on my iPhone that I use as my main camera!

Instagram and Camera+

Instagram was free and Camera+ was only $.99...sounds good to me!!

Here is a sampling of some pics using these apps...

As you can see there is such a wide range of editing that you can give your photos, all with just ONE touch of a button!  It is amazing!!

What camera apps do you like for your cell phone??
Are there any cool Droid camera apps out there?


1 comment:

Trevino said...

For the Droid I love sketchme, retro camera, PhotoFunia is cool too. These were all free.

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